Amazon Canidae Grain Formula Fresh Bison Reviews
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Amazon Canidae Grain Formula Fresh Bison Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Canidae Grain Formula Fresh Bison Reviews

± Love Canidae and this particular puppy food, BUT DID I BUY A FAKE PRODUCT FROM AMAZON?

Format: Misc.

I love the Canidae brand, my 6 month old labradoodle seems to love it too, so no complaints there.


I had bought the smaller bag initially from Petco to transition my puppy from Purina to Canidae and that seemed to go well. So I ordered the bigger 24 lbs bag from Amazon. It came in a couple of days, was waiting eagerly for it as the smaller bag had finished and so as soon as it arrived I opened it and gave a scoop to my puppy for dinner. First thing I noticed is that the kibble was much larger and darker than the one I had bought from Petco. I was a bit suspicious but brushed it off. Later in the evening when I went back to the opened bag to transfer it to the food container, I WAS SHOCKED AND DISGUSTED TO FIND IT CRAWLING WITH BUGS (PICTURES ATTACHED)!!! AND I HAD ALREADY FED IT TO MY PUPPY! I was really worried for her but first I promptly dumped that bag after taking pictures and then called up Amazon. They were very nice about it and sent a replacement bag which arrived in another couple of days. No bugs this time but still the kibble size and color was the same like before (picture attached) and not like what I had bought from the Petco store (multiple times, same product, picture of bag from Petco attached).

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Foundations Puppy Dry Formula with Fresh Chicken, 24 lbs



± For owners who care WAY too much about their dog’s poop…

Format: Misc.

Let’s be honest. As pet owners, we care way too much about what comes out of our dog’s posterior. I’ve had so many poop conversations with my husband that I know sound crazy to anyone who doesn’t have pets or kids. Was the color okay? What about the consistency? One of our dogs had loose stools for several months that we could never figure out. She also had some skin problems, so my vet suggested it might be a food allergy. My personal opinion is that food allergies in animals is an overused diagnosis for a lot of symptoms. Our dog’s particular skin problem didn’t look like the a typical allergic reaction in dogs (she’s a husky and her particular problem looked more like a zinc deficiency). However, I decided to humor the vet and try switching her to a limited ingredient dog food. We chose Canidae Grain Free dog food because it had 8 primary ingredients, none of which were chicken, plus the vitamins and minerals that we still want to make sure our dog receives. Let me say, after a few days on this food, my dog’s poop has never looked better! After a few weeks, the skin issue around her eyes and mouth also cleared up! It’s been over a month, and we also realized that her late night potty breaks have disappeared (she’s an older dog, so we though the late night outdoor trips were just part of her old age). Overall, I’m very impressed by the quality of this dog food and believe it has had a positive impact on the health of my dog. (I’ve also since apologized to my vet, who is super sweet and very understanding of crazy pet owners like myself!)

± Not the same as Petco

Format: Misc.

This review is for the lamb flavor. I bought chicken and it didn’t agree with my dog. I believe he has a poultry intolerance so I tried the lamb flavor. I originally got this food from Petco and it worked great for my pup, so I started ordering it from Amazon as it’s more convenient. I had this on subscription and ran out of dog food a few days before my new bag arrived, so I bought a small bag at Petco. When my subscription bag arrived, I compared the two foods and they do not look exactly the same. I’ve been feeding my dog the Amazon purchased food for a few months and he has occasional diarrhea but I assumed it was from sensitive stomach/eating junk off the ground, but now I wonder if it is the food.

Maybe it’s just a different batch, but since there is barely a price difference I’ll purchase this food from Petco from now on. I’ve attached photos of the food side by side, the Petco food on the left is a slightly lighter color and seems more "dense" (Amazon version has a lot of little holes in the kibbles).

Update: After feeding my dog the Petco food for a week, he hasn’t had diarrhea once, where before it was usually at least "loose" once or twice a week. I do not reccommend buying this food on Amazon, however the real stuff from Petco has worked great for my dog so far.

± Food from Amazon seems to be different from local pet shops.

Format: Misc.

TL;DR; don’t buy this from Amazon, instead go to the closest pet shop.

Since we’ve got our puppy she has solely been eating Canidae for puppies. But recently we found that she wasn’t eating it anymore, she would even stop eating for a full day. We tried different foods but a full change in diet would upset her tummy and our pup would feel even worse. Then my wife kept on researching on the internet trying to figure out what was going on. She found in some reviews from another dog food brand pretty much the same story that we were living. The other people solved it by buying the same food they bought from Amazon from a local pet shop. So we decided to do the same. It was our surprise that she devoured her first plate of Canidae bought from a pet shop around the corner.

Maybe something weird happens at the Amazon warehouses or the product they receive is not the same. But our puppy felt it and got us all worried. Hope this is of help to any other customers that could be passing through the same situation.

± Canidae is a great food.

Format: Misc.

We’ve been using this brand of Dog food for quite some time. We have 2 staffordshire bull terriers. Both from England, one is a retired winning show dog.

Until just recently, we would drive almost an hour to the closest retailer. Now, I’ve found that Amazon can ship it. AMAZING!

I am a Dog Obedience Instructor, and have taken classes specializing in Nutrition. I have reviewed plenty of other dog foods and found that Canidae out beats most of them by a landslide.

I have found that the type of food you feed your pet greatly influences the way they act, the way their coat feels, and their overall health. Imagine that you lived in a diet based on mainly fast food, how do you think your body would react to that after years? Same thing with our pets. Alot of grocery store brand foods are full of junk.

Canidae is a great food. Main ingredient is meat.

They are also proud supporters of bully breeds. Which is the main reason we even gave them a try after winning a bag during a bull dog competition.

After extensive research, we decided to stick with it. My oldest dog is now 13 and in great health.

± she was hit by a car prior to me adopting her and doesn’t have the best control and obviously having it solid makes it a …

Format: Misc.

8 ingredients. And my INCREDIBLY picky dog LOVES it! I can’t tell you how rare this is. She also has a very sensitive stomach. TMI- She has issues with mainting solid stool, she was hit by a car prior to me adopting her and doesn’t have the best control and obviously having it solid makes it a huge difference to both of us. She has been eating the canidae salmon kibble for a month now and has been more consistent than I can remember. I can’t be happier.

± Great Value – will choose over Blue Buffalo any day.

Format: Misc.

Dog Food Advisor rated this food with 4.5 stars for good reasons. My picky eater of a puppy generally hates her kibbles, but she will tolerate this one and when hungry she will eat it… vs. ignoring any other type of kibbles altogether.

Overall it’s good. I think Blue Buffalo is completely overrated and honestly I personally trust Canidae more after researching both companies. This is a great value for the quality of food you get.

EDIT: 2018-July 23

There has been a price hike with this food that’s up almost 180% from what I used to pay for this. So while the quality of the food remained the same and I understand that prices fluctuate depending on ingredients etc.

At almost $4.00 / per lb – I will no longer be buying this product at this price. The value at this point is simply not there. I would recommend at that $4.00 per lb of what your dog eats – you might as well cook your own food for your dog and it would cost less (or the same) and have a lot fewer preservatives in their food (Of course do definitely choose a dog supplements. Since it is actually very hard for people to ensure that their homecooked meals have the proper nutrition needed for the dog).

I will be switching to a different dog food or start evaluating home cooked recipes. So sad to see them do this price hike without any explanation.

± Highly recommend

Format: Misc.

This is solving a food allergy problem that existed with my 8 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix when eating other dog foods on the market. Improved health, energy, and vitality is evident – – after only one month of use, so I am looking forward to continuing the use of this product.

High quality is evident the minute you open the bag. After trying 5 other brands over the last 5 months, I am so excited to have found this from such a reputable company. The flavor we are currently using is: Limited ingredient Duck kibble (grain free). Please remember to check with your vet regarding the correct quantity to feed daily, as the quantity needed is sometimes less with high quality food, or depending on the age of your dog.

Thank you Amazon and Canidae!

± Quality is different from the one buy from Petco

Format: Misc.

My monthly delivery for Canidae Puppy food seems not fresh and bigger size (see picture) than the one I bought in the Petco. This time again I bought from Petco 24lbs bag , the expiration date is Sep 2019. The expatriation date on my monthly delivery is October 2019. But the fact is puppy food looking and quality from those two bags are totally different. This is not the first time, and my dog had eaten at least two bags with the larger size one. My puppy get wort on his feet recently and need surgery to remove. Doctor said it is not really normally at his age, 7 month. I am so worry and I really really hope that this is not going to affect my puppy’s health since I trust Canidae as a good brand and based on its price it should a good quality dog food and should not have different standard. I wish that things can get clear and we all love our dog and i really don’t want them to get hurt.

± My 15-year old fussy eater LOVES this dog food

Format: Misc.

I switched to Canidae Grain Free PURE when my 15-year old dog became a fussy eater. Unlike many older dogs who are overweight, my dog was thin and losing weight; the senior food she had eaten for years was no longer appropriate. Unwilling to begin cooking for her (I like the balanced nutrition in a quality kibble) I looked for a grain-free limited ingredient formula so every bite would be top nutrition. I selected Canidae PURE because it has higher calories than other brands and the salmon is a good source of protein—for an old dog with declining appetite, this meant she could eat less. Imagine my surprise when, after months of coaxing her through meals with other foods, my dog began to eat on her own again; she has gained back several pounds and is doing fantastic on Canidae Grain Free PURE Sea Dog Dry Formula.

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