Amazon Canidae Stages Chicken Turkey Formula Reviews
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Amazon Canidae Stages Chicken Turkey Formula Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Canidae Stages Chicken Turkey Formula Reviews

± Be careful – quality of food varies from bag to bag when purchased on Amazon

Flavor Name: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, & FishSize: 44 lb

Be very careful when purchasing this food online. We bought the 44 pound bag on Amazon before without trouble, and it’s a great deal – the pet stores only tend to sell the 30 pound bag for almost the same price as the 44 bag on Amazon. We’ve purchased the 44 bag on Amazon before and it was fine, but the most recent bag I bought made both of our dogs vomit within hours of eating it. I noticed the size and color of the kibble was different than the last bag, which is concerning. Either the quality control is off or this bag is counterfeit. I purchased a 30 pound bag at the pet store and the color and size of the kibble matches what was in the last bag I bought, so I know this bag is a bad one. In the photo, the bad kibble is on the right. I like buying from Amazon but I don’t know if I can buy this food here again and risk the dogs being sick.

± Buyer beware! Expired/bad food sent!

My pup has been eating this food for a long time, and it’s a great brand for him. We started ordering it via Amazon subscription for convenience. Some of the bags we received were fine; however, we clearly received at least one (possibly more) expired (or a bad batch). Our pup (12 lbs shih tzu) became ill–vomiting, loose stool, constipation, aversion to food, whole nine yards. I also compared the color of the food to a bag I purchased at the store to replace the bad batch, and it was clearly a different shade. The difference was subtle but distinct. Something was off. Amazon quickly refunded the food and documented my concern. They were great, as usual. However, we don’t feel comfortable taking this chance again. I should have been more careful about checking the expiration date before putting the food in an air right container and disposing of the bag, but I forgot. If you do buy this food, always check the date!

± Farts

Flavor Name: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, & FishSize: 44 lb

I was losing my mind. I have a Pit-bull puppy and got her some Purina dog food from Wal-Mart and she was farting CONSTANTLY. It smelled like a dead hamster had crawled in her butt and then died again. Thank God I kept my gas mask from the military because this was worse than the gas chamber. My poor kids had to endure it, but at this point it was every man for himself so I like to think I taught them a vital life lesson; keep your military equipment serviceable.

It finally got to the point where my little one couldn’t stand it and stole my mask while I was at work, then locked herself in her room so I couldn’t get it. Of course the dog out of curiosity comes up to see what was wrong. I looked down and her, she looked up at me lovingly, and for a second I thought all would be well in the world. Then, out of indescribable silence comes the tiniest little squeak you can imagine. It was like an Atom Bomb went off. I started seeing images through the eyes of my ancestors, reliving wars I wasn’t even alive for. I saw the beginning and end of time, I rode a tyrannosaurus, I’m still not sure if I was hallucinating or truly seeing the light.

When I woke up from my coma I said no more. I bought this dog food and it’s been all good since, highly recommend.

± Bad bag?

Flavor Name: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, & FishSize: 44 lb

My 10-year-old dog has eaten Canidae All Life Stages since the day I got him at 8 weeks old. With this latest bag (mixed in over several days with his old leftover ALS food, which was the first bag I ever got though Amazon) gave him soft poops and then diarrhea and a sore bloody bottom (sry to be explicit!). I even looked up a recall but saw no information.

We did a bland diet (rice and boiled chicken) over a week, slowly adding kibble in as his BMs got better. Then he got sick again, and this time he also threw up. We did the bland diet again and slowly added in kibble, and he got sick again. Restarted the bland diet yesterday; this time, for now, I’m not adding anymore kibble….

Was this a bad bag? Is it coming from a bad source? Contamination? Poor/improper storage? I’m torn because I’ve always loved Canidae, but we may have to switch foods. Either way, this $60.00 @40 lbs of ALS has to go in the garbage.

± Great for my puppy and adult Rat Terrier! Quality ingredients, good price, heavy bag, no complaints!

Flavor Name: Chicken Meal & RiceSize: 30 lb


– Good quality ingredients with limited grains

– Designed to meet established AAFCO nutritional levels

– No corn, wheat, or soy

– Attractive price on Amazon

– Rat Terrier approved


– None at the moment

Personal Experience:

I have a 27 pound Rat Terrier and a new 12 week old Decker Rat Terrier puppy that both enjoy the Canidae dry dog food. I have switched dog foods frequently over the years (I have always been careful to gradually ease the transition as to not upset my dog’s stomach) because my adult Rat Terrier can be a rather pick eater when it comes to some dog foods. There have been dog foods I have tried in the past that are highly reviewed with excellent ingredients, but unfortunately probably didn’t taste appetizing to my dog. For example, I tried Nature’s Domain and some of the Science Diet line but both were unappetizing to my dog. The cheaper dog foods seem to be appealing to my dog, likely because they use a lot of fat and other cheap ingredients that probably taste good to dogs. It reminds me of why I like cheap double cheese burgers from McDonalds…

In any case, aside from my adult Rat Terrier liking this food, I always check dog foods I am interested in potentially purchasing against the free websites dogfoodadvisor and dogfoodinsider to get a more accurate analysis of the ingredients. Reviews on Amazon can be quite subjective and even the most knowledgeable dog-owners generally are not the absolute best experts on all the effects of each dog food ingredient. Hence why I use those two websites. Canidae Dry Dog food, Chicken Meal and Rice, scored 4 stars on both of dog food review sites (which is an excellent score). In addition to my adult Rat Terrier enjoying the food, my little puppy gobbles it up too! It’s perfect that the Canidae dog food is for all life stages!


Quality dog food with good ingredients (confirmed through analysis by dogfoodadvisor and dogfoodinsider) and my adult and puppy Rat Terriers enjoy the food. It is well-priced on Amazon for the quality and amount. I definitely recommend this dog food.


Flavor Name: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, & FishSize: 44 lb

First let me say that I’m a huge fan of Canidae and my dog has been eating this brand for over 12 years. I immediately ran to the pet store to buy 4 35 pound bags when i realized I was shipped a jumbo bag of counterfeit dog food.

This was maybe the third or fourth bag I’ve purchased from Amazon to save myself some time and a few bucks and my dog hasn’t had an issue with the food as I’ve always been sure to purchase from the Amazon account directly, but it seems even Amazon is susceptible to counterfeiting or poor quality.

The color and size of the kibble was completely different from prior batches, and after a few days on the counterfeit batch, my dog began refusing to eat the kibble entirely. His stool became loose and less frequent and he became quite lethargic. I immediately ran out to buy new bags of Canidae from my local pet store after he refused to eat his second consecutive meal. He basically inhaled the kibble from the new bag as soon as I got home, which was when I was able to confirm that the Amazon shipment was no good.

Sadly, I will no longer be purchasing any food products from Amazon ever again to keep my family safe.

± Just didn’t work for my dogs.

Flavor Name: Lamb Meal & RiceSize: 30 lb

For a fairly expensive brand of dog food, this particular food has had dismal performance with my dogs. I have an older dog and a young dog, neither one are finicky. I mixed the food half and half with their old food just to change the type of protein. After a few days of diarrhea, they ate the mixture with no apparent problem. However, when the mixture ended and they started on the pure CANIDAE, they stopped eating it and lost quite a bit of weight.

I have tried this food twice with similar results (just to make sure it wasn’t a bad batch). I can’t say it is a bad food, it is just bad for my dogs.

± She is 80# and has sensitive stomach seems something amiss as it looked like the kibble size changed recently

Flavor Name: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, & FishSize: 30 lb

been ordering Canidae for our American Bulldog mix for a couple of years. She is 80# and has sensitive stomach seems something amiss as it looked like the kibble size changed recently, then our girl started puking after a couple of weeks on a new bag.

Went away recently after starting a new bag. Will be switching back to TOTW. Too many reviews stating the same. No alert from the company as I’m sure they have received complaints.

± Great product!

Flavor Name: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, & FishSize: 44 lb

Shipment was fast. Ingredients are high quality AND affordable! The dogs love it. Now, just waiting to see how my dog with sensitive skin reacts to it, but it’s been about a week and he is still clear and healthy. He usually breaks out immediately if he has an allergy. I am so glad I saw their ad and decided to give it a try! I also add a probiotic because I am not taking any chances Vitapet Probiotic Powder Blend For Dogs and Cats with 5 Billion CFU Per Serving. This is working well and boosts my “babies” immunities. We mix this with the food and it’s epic for them. They want more and more. Now we are worried about weight gain but we will deal with that later!

± Dog getting sick

Flavor Name: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, & FishSize: 44 lb

I have ordered this brand three or four times, and my dog was loving it (he’s not picky at all). However, after feeding him from the most recent bag I bought, he started getting sick after eating. Then, he wouldn’t eat it at all. I was getting ready to take him to the vet but I tried feeding him a different brand and he gobbled it up. A couple weeks later I tried mixing just a little bit in with his other food (I’m talking 2 tablespoons) and he got sick this morning. I think I was sent a bad batch or there is something else going on with the formula. The expiration date was in 2018 so maybe it was mislabeled. Regardless, I will not be buying again.

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