Amazon Compact Electric Temperature Control Feature Reviews
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Amazon Compact Electric Temperature Control Feature Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Compact Electric Temperature Control Feature Reviews

± Great for one person!

Color: Aqua

I have used this a couple times, it’s really a cute product, not too big, works well. It does have the plastic smell when in use but I think it is getting less and may go away completely. I have made chicken thighs which I had to turn over half way since the skin was getting too dark but I think that was because of the seasoning I used that was burning but the skin was crispy and the chicken super juicy! I also have made frozen breaded chicken tenders (the oven ready kind) they came out nice and crispy and browned. I got this because I live alone and hate using the oven and heating the house for a single serving and I hate toaster ovens since they take forever to cook in. This is perfect for one person.

± This little gadget is awesome! I purchased it for my office at work

Color: Aqua

This little gadget is awesome! I purchased it for my office at work, as I used to cook my sweet potato fries in a convection oven where I would have to go into the break room multiple times to flip my fries and reset the timer for additional cooking. This air fryer has made my life so much simpler and has eliminated all of that! My frozen sweet potato fries now only take 15 min to cook, I can keep the fryer in my office, and after about 5 uses, I can say it cooks very well and gives my fries (and tots) a delicious crisp fried taste. I have already encouraged several of my co-workers to purchase one, and I’ll probably buy a larger one for my house down the road. This size is ideal for one or two servings, so if you are feeding more people, I would recommend a larger air fryer. Clean-up also couldn’t be easier! It’s adorable and a simple tool, I am very happy with my purchase!

± Two Stars

Color: Aqua

Basket insert tray finish is coming off after only 1 month of use☹️

± I’ve always loved wings and over the years have tried all the …

Color: Black

I’ve always loved wings and over the years have tried all the methods to make a good wing – over, microwave then oven, crock pot, crock pot then oven, grill, etc. yet, all I managed to do was go through a ton of batteries for my smoke detector. I figured – what the heck? I’ll give this a try…and boy am I glad I did. I covered 8 wing halves with self-rising flour and set it at 375 fro 25 minutes – turning them half way through. Then covered them in my favorite sauce mixture and shazam!! Perfect wings! I should have tried one of these things years ago. Easy cleanup too. Highly recommended if you like great wings without all the mess.

± Great little air fryer

Color: Aqua

Great little air fryer! Perfect if cooking for one or two people. Would not recommend if cooking for more than 2 or 3 people. Little tip you have to turn the timer on for the air fryer to actually turn on.

± Compact – easy to use –

Color: Aqua

I love this – it does not take up too much room – its super easy to use ive made – chicken- shrimp- fish – turkey burgers

all have been delicious — THIS IS NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE — perfect – love it

± Small but as advertised.

Color: Aqua

Great for frying chicken! I love fried food but not good for you…anyway I fried two large chicken thighs with no breading, the chicken skin was super crispy and all the grease was in the bottom of the cooker. It is small but I’m single so perfect for me. I’ve only had it a few weeks but definitely a great item. And I love the color! The only down side for “those of a certain age “ the numbers on the timer are hard to see.

± Five Stars

Color: Black

Love this guy. Spray a little Pam in there, cook a

cutlet,wipe it clean: a bachelors dream!

± Love IT

Color: Aqua

This thing works fast. It will cook a potato faster than an oven. It will crisp sliced potatoes faster than an oven. It has cooked eggs in its shell. I’ve toasted my bagels in it.

It roasts my bell peppers to perfection within 10 minutes. It has so much potential and still trying out different recipes.

In essence, it is a toaster and oven in one. No need to wash pans. Easy to clean. I cannot complain. Best purchase ever.

± You’d swear the wings were fried!

Color: Aqua

PERFECT little air fryer for one, maybe two, people! Heats wonderfully and cooks foods super fast. Chicken wings are my favorite to cook in this amazing little contraption and you would swear they were fried! I’m hooked. I’ve already recommended to a few friends.

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