Amazon Coravin Wine Preservation System Capsules Reviews
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Amazon Coravin Wine Preservation System Capsules Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Coravin Wine Preservation System Capsules Reviews

± Original coravin canisters worked fine. Definitely a game changing innovation

Original coravin canisters worked fine. Definitely a game changing innovation. However, since I bought these replacement cartridges, two bottles of wine have spoiled. I won’t say more for fear my review will be rejected again. Buyer beware.

± Stop the Price Gouging!

System itself is fantastic, easy to use, compact and portable, it will change the way you drink wine!! Downside…A clear cut price gouging scheme when it comes to replacement Argon cartridges. Coravin cartridges have an exclusive fitting that no other cartridges have so they will not fit the unit. They’re then charging more than TRIPLE what the other Wine preservation manufacturers are charging for essentially the same thing. 2 Coravin cartridges= $25 after shipping or $12.50 per cartridge (almost $1 per 5oz. pour). Other manufacturers come in around $3-4 per cartridge after shipping. C’mon Coravin, that’s just dishonest, you’re already making your $$ up front with the astronomical price of the unit itself, regarding the cartridges it’s just greedy. A disappointing tarnish on an otherwise fantastic product.

± Faulty Canisters

I love the Coravin system; I am in the wine industry and use it for work. I received a two-pack of gas capsules yesterday and both were defective. Upon tightening the first canister into place, it immediately expressed its full contents backwards into the housing. The second canister worked normally, but only had capacity for one glass of wine. I am not new at using this system; this is not normal and is not user error. For the price of these canisters, much better quality control systems need to be in place. I would guess the canister nozzle was faulty on the first canister, and the second received an incomplete fill.

± Would never buy Coravin Wine Preserver again due to high cost/low output of cartridges

I believe Coravin claims one will last for 2.5 or more bottles. Plan on one bottle at best. Adds $10 to every bottle of wine. Very expensive but so was the product it goes with. Had I known buying Coravin wine preserver would keep adding $10 per every bottle in perpetuity, I would not have purchased. Maybe if you can afford $500 bottles of wine otherwise consider this high extra cost of owner.

± Fake?

The original capsules I received with my system from Coravin worked great. Since I started using the capsules I got from amazon my wine tastes funny after the first use. I can’t figure out what’s different other than the capsules aren’t directly from Coravin. Two bottles have been ruined now. I will not repurchase from amazon again.

± Definitely not worth the money, would not recommend.

Corks seem to leak even when using on natural corks. Very unhappy considering how expensive this is.

± One of my two capsules didn’t have any gas in …

One of my two capsules didn’t have any gas in it and never worked. This item was not eligible for return or exchange so I’m stuck paying for two when only one worked. I’ve had the Corvin for years and gone through dozens of these and am certain I was doing everything correct.

± Not worth it

I love my Coravin and the two original canisters worked great and the bottles kept well.

However these were terrible. If I could give zero stars I would because the one was empty and the other one started to expel the wine but was only able to do one glass…..not 12-15 like Coravin system promises. Also, the one bottle that I was able to get wine out of spoiled….very unhappy and won’t order again. Hopefully Coravin sees all these unhappy customer reviews and gets the s*** together. The system would be worth the money if the replacement canisters actually did what they promised.

± All six failed

These units will not seal when changing cylinders. All gas immediately escapes regardless of how quickly or how tightly it is screwed into place. The unit is new and clean, there is no debris where it seals to the unit. The only explanation is that this was a bad set of gas cylinders lacking in precision of manufacture or else they were missing a required part to form a seal with the unit.

± Don’t waste your money!

Very disappointing. We bought the Coravin system with the 2 canisters. We used the 2 canisters with no problem. We then ordered the 2 pack canisters and BOTH canisters have NO GAS! This is totally unacceptable. Don’t waste your money!

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