Amazon Dash DEC012AQ Deluxe Rapid Cooker Reviews
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Amazon Dash DEC012AQ Deluxe Rapid Cooker Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Dash DEC012AQ Deluxe Rapid Cooker Reviews

± KETO / LOW CARB best friend – Eggs fast, easy clean, save $$$, no-brainer <3 Love this !!!

Color: Black

LONG review – includes how to clean off hard water spots that look like rust

This is a KETO / LOW CARB best friend – Makes eggs made fast, so easy, no-brainer hard boiled eggs. How did I get by without this?

I was buying (6) pre-shelled EGGLANDS BEST hard boiled eggs at $3.75 a pack, mostly because I had such a hard time making hard boiled eggs without them coming out MEH at best. I tried all the hacks, even Tim Ferris’ youtube version, and they would never peel right, took a lot of time, just made me miserable… so I just paid for them.

We started a KETOGENIC / LOW CARB diet lifestyle, and with (3) people (me / hubby / son), that means we go through A LOT of eggs each and every week. They kept begging me to make deviled eggs, but I just couldn’t justify the pre-cooked hard boiled version at $3.75 a pop for SIX eggs from the store.

So I started researching how to make easy eggs, and this rapid egg cooker kept coming up. There’s a smaller version (cooks up to 8 eggs), but this is just a few dollars more, and has a SMALL footprint on the counter, stacks up for easy storage, so I’m glad I went bigger.

It comes with a little water measuring cup, with a punch on the end to make a hole in the top of the eggs before you cook them. This really makes it easier to take the shell off in the end, so by all means, use it! I believe that the water, once steamed off, makes the device buzz to tell you that the eggs are ready. I haven’t made soft boiled eggs yet, but have made medium and hard boiled, and now I have warm, yummy eggs every morning for breakfast – super cheap, super easy!

Here’s how I make hard boiled eggs with this cooker:

— Set up device, read instruction quick sheet, determine how much water I will need for a dozen hard boiled eggs

— Fill the measuring device with water, put in bottom of device, and then set up plastic egg holder/bottom level

— Punch holes in the FAT SIDE of 8 eggs, put in plastic egg holder/bottom level

— NOTE – Be sure to put the side with the hole UP, so the egg doesn’t leak into the unit

— NOTE – Puncturing the FAT SIDE of the egg will make it MUCH EASIER to remove the shells later… trust me, this is a good idea

— Put outside plastic level one over eggs, and then set up plastic egg holder/top level

— Punch holed in top of 4 remaining eggs, put them in plastic egg holder/top level

— Put top on device, check to ensure it’s together firmly, steam hole pointing AWAY from any potential burn hazards

— Turn on blue button, and then wait until it BUZZES to let me know it’s done

— While waiting, I set up an ice bath for the eggs in sink. I use a BIG BLUE ice pack (for coolers) or two to make it easy, big bowl, water.

— When it BUZZES, I turn off the blue button, lift the lid carefully to avoid steam burn

— Quickly move eggs from device to water

— NOTE – sometimes, some egg will OOOZE out of the top of the egg hole I made. No worries, it’s easy to take off, and it’s cooked too

— After 10 minutes, I come back to the egg bath, and start to run cold water in the sink

— One by one, I will crack each egg near the top/the egg hole I made

— Under mild cold running water, I peel away the shell. Super fast and easy!

— NOTE – make sure you break the membrane of the egg when you take off the first piece of shell, this will make it very easy

— Put the shelled eggs on a plate with a paper towel, then transfer to fridge OR start making deviled eggs (yum!)

Many people have noted that using this cooker, they will get discoloration (rust colored, or white, spots) on the hot plate portion. That is from hard water, and it is really easy to clean. Here’s how I do it:

— Get a magic eraser (you could use a sponge, but I like these best)

— Use the measuring cup, and put 1 part white vinegar, 9 parts water, then put in cooker – DO NOT OVERFILL

— You could add a bit more vinegar, no more than 3 parts to 7 parts water

— Just bring it to a boil, without the plastic egg holder/bottom level or any of the other parts. You’re just trying to get it to bubble.

— TURN OFF quickly, unplug device, and CAREFULLY dump out the water mixture

— You should notice that some of the spots have already come off the device – thanks, vinegar!

— Use a wet MAGIC ERASER, or sponge, to wipe down the hot plate. It’s still warm, so be careful!!!

— Towel dry – poof! Silver, shiny, just like new!

You will have to experiment with the egg cooker to find your sweet spot for soft boiled eggs, as other reviewers have noted, but I really enjoy the medium boiled eggs every morning for breakfast. See my photo to see a typical keto breakfast… just add coffee and heavy cream, and you’re super satisfied for HOURS. The red sauce you see is Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce, which I also use a lot… check it out.

If you’re going to make and store hard boiled eggs in the fridge, or transport them, please consider Snapware – Snap ‘N Stack Food Egg 2 Layer case (look it up on Amazon). You get (2) of these for $20, and you can easily store hard boiled or deviled eggs in this thing with ease. Makes it so much easier to be the KETO Meow-ma, without being in the kitchen 24/7 for my hungry boys.

If this review helped or entertained you, please click HELPFUL, and thanks for your time and attention! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have for me.

± Buy it.

Color: Black

This is my first review on this site, I have been buying stuff on amazon since its inception, and have never felt as compelled as now to write a review.

I purchased this to save time while consuming 3+ dozen eggs a week.

I have probably boiled upwards of 10,000 eggs within the past 5 years. Over the years I have learned every trick there is to boiling eggs. This product is a combination of the best aspects I have learned. It also removes most uncontrolled variables from the boiling process.

To cut to the point…

>Boil with a tad more than the recommended water. (At ~500ft. above sea level)

>Use vinegar to clean any hard water spots following use.

>Times for soft boiled and medium appear to assume you will be rapidly cooling the eggs to slow internal cooking. (Hard w/out cooling will result in green layered yolks).

>Puncturing the eggs on the fat side (top in carton 99% of time) and following directions will result in the shells virtually melting off.

>This unit will leak slightly more than the non deluxe version. The leakage is purely due to the pressure buildup from the evaporation of the water. I personally place an upside down coffee mug ontop to prevent spillage.

With this product my unquenchable thirst for the unborn may actually be quenched.

± Great little cooking device, just make sure to pierce the large end of the egg!

Color: Black

Received my 12-egg Egg cooker today and tried it out after cleaning with soap and water. If the cord appears to be too short as some reviewers complained, turn the base over and you’ll find the cord wrapped around a holder. Unwrap the cord and voila, you have now have a 2-foot cord. The manual instructions states to pierce the large end of the egg but doesn’t state why. So I pierced 4 of the eggs at the large end and two of the eggs at the small end to see what happens. I loaded the machine per instructions and turned on the unit. Founded out the eggs that were pierced at the small end oozed a little egg white out of the hole and down the egg whereas the eggs pierced on the large end just showed a dimple of steamed egg white. When the buzzer (more like a fire alarm) sounded and the power light turned off I immersed the steamed eggs into ice water bowl for 3 minutes. The heating plate had a funny smell and it turned out the small-ended peirced eggs oozed just enough white into the water and was burning on the now dry plate. Not much of a smell and not an true issue but I’ll be piercing all future eggs at the large end! The heating plate was easily cleaned with a wet paper towel. Tried an egg and it peeled really easy and the egg white didn’t have the rubbery texture of a boiled egg. Great little device!

± How did I live without this?!

Color: Black

Works great! Makes perfect hard boiled eggs every time. I’ve been boiling eggs in a pot all this time and always have 1 or 2 crack on me and sometimes they are still undercooked….no longer with this handy gadget! Requires very little cleaning too. After use, I rinse the trays and cover with water and set it in the rack to dry. I wipe the metal base with a wet paper towel and that’s it. After the buzzer sounds, I unplug it and let the eggs sit about 5 minutes longer because I like them extra hardboiled. I also prick each one before cooking and never had one break/explode on me. The footprint is small and it fits nicely in my cabinet but looks cute on the countertop too.

± I like it!

Color: Aqua

Simple and easy to use, I have hard cooked 2 dozen eggs with no problems. My formula, I add a little vinegar to my water, its ok it will not effect the taste of your eggs, but it will help keep hard water stains down. I don’t pay any attention to the water measure provided. I put water and vinegar up to just about the first level, I cook it for 20 min, turn off and let sit 10 min. I then put them in ice water for a minute and begin to peel them. The shells come off easy and there is no blue ring around the yoke. The pin hole actually lets hydrogen sulfide gas escape from the egg, which causes that blue ring. I did use a tip from another reviewer and placed a coffee cup a-top the dome while cooking, keeps the lid from lifting and spilling water everywhere as steam presser builds quicker then it can escape through the hole in the dome lid.

± PERFECT boiled eggs, poached, not so much

Color: Black

Absolutely PERFECT boiled eggs. We boil about a dozen a day and I love that I no longer have to carry a pot of boiling water across the kitchen! And takes all the guess work out of the timing. The shells peeled off practically in one piece on all of them! Unfortunately the poached eggs were a disaster. They didn’t really cook at all the first time so I ran them a second time. The top layer was hard which was ok but the 4 on the bottom, the egg whites still weren’t completely cooked. It’s worth it to me just for the boiled eggs but will not be using for poached. Big disappointment on that.

± Not working as advertised. Poor quality.

Color: Black

First few times I tried it, beeper sounded and there was still water in the bottom, and my eggs were half cooked. I started adding extra water to cook it long enough. I’ve called the company and they are mailing me a new one. Good customer service, but it shouldn’t be broken right out of the box. I’m giving it 1 star, while I continue to old my old egg cooker.

± I like this egg cooker and use it alot

Color: Red

I like this egg cooker and use it alot…the eggs peel so easily even when they are fresh, it comes with a little messuring cup with a needle on the bottom to pierce the egg…Im sure it has something to do with the easy peeling, any how it also has the measurements on how much water to add for how many eggs your boiling or poaching etc. I posted an egg that I used the recommended amount for the amount of eggs that I was hard boiling, as you can see you need to add more water…I like it though! No regrets!

± Works well. Makes soft, medium and hard boiled eggs easily.

Color: Aqua

My one complaint about this machine is that I didn’t expect to have to poke a hole in the tops of each of the eggs. We raise chickens and I was looking for something to make peeling fresh eggs easier. I don’t feel this made peeling them any easier, but it is convenient to use to make a dozen. The poker is located in the base of the measuring cup. The measuring cup has the exact measurements needed and are labeled for each type of egg (soft, medium, hard). I liked that I didn’t need to refer to the manual for the measurements since they are right on the measuring cup. I will say when the timer goes off (it’s a loud buzz, it sounds like emergency broadcast alert system noise) you must remove the eggs and put them in cold water bath immediately. If you leave them for even five minutes the steam and heat will continue to cook the eggs. I don’t like soft boiled but my husband does. They were firm on the whites and runny in the center. Medium is what I prefer. Medium comes out with a slightly soft interior that’s creamy. Hard boiled is what you would expect but without the nasty sulfur ring on the yolk. Overall good product, would buy again.

± Only worked twice.

Color: Red

I love the design of the cooker, and it’s capacity to handle a dozen eggs. However, after using just twice it no longer cooked hard boiled eggs using the correct measure cup that came with the unit. It isn’t consistent at all. Will be replacing.

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