Amazon DMG001AQ Portable Machine Sandwiches Breakfast Reviews
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Amazon DMG001AQ Portable Machine Sandwiches Breakfast Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon DMG001AQ Portable Machine Sandwiches Breakfast Reviews

± Great for single small burgers!

Color: Red

1st of all, use 80% lean or better beef not the cheep fatty stuff and you’ll have few issues with grease.

Next, place the grill on a heat proof plate for simple, easy cleanup.

If you’re using frozen 4oz burgers, thaw them a bit then make them smaller & thicker. They’ll fit fine in grill.

Simple to use, plug in wait, for the light to GO OUT, put the burger in, close lid and wait 5-8 minutes depending on how well done you choose to cook. UNPLUG when finished.

Like any other product, use common sense. It you lack common sense, do not buy it.

btw, I have a big GFMLGM and it’s became a hassle to use & clean just for a single burger.

± Size doesn’t matter

Color: Silver

I love this tiny grill! Perfect for me to make 1 glorious hamburger.

± Perfect for one

Color: Red

This is perfect for a single person. It hold a hamburger patty and cooks it in 3-5 minutes without the frying mess using a skillet. I’m going to purchase another one for my dad.


Color: Silver

This little gem makes me happy because it handles the exact food portion for my weight management. I’ve grilled a brownie, biscuit, pancake, sausage pattie, egg white/beater items so far. I bought it for travel because there’s no kitchen or microwave in our hotel room & it’ll be an easy carry on for size. It’s the size of an English muffin, electric w/only a light indicator for heating & cooling down.

± Mini is Great!

Color: Aqua

I had originally wanted the mini waffle maker in this color and had no idea there was a mini grill in the same color. None-the-less this was a wonderful mistake! It comes with easy yummy recipes and great for quick single meals. Not safe for children to use and I did use silicone tongs to open and close. Love them both!

± Great little grill!

Color: Red

The Dash grill works well if you are simply trying to cook one burger, 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich (folded over) or other small item. There is no temp control; simply plug in and grill! Easy to clean–I use a wet folded paper towel to clean while still warm.

± Great Tiny Grill !

Color: Silver

I love this tiny Grill. Good to heat precook bacon, cook egg. Great for travel! Warm French fries, hamburger, small amounts left over food. Just slip it into your tote, purse or carry-on. Extremely easy to clean! Love it.

± Like this little cooker

Color: Silver

Like this little cooker, I just got the grill & it works GREAT!! When I am cooking my burger, I put the top down but I don’t push on it..if there grease just take a piece of paper towel, to get the extra off.. I have NOT had that problem.. Arrived on time..

± Tiny tiny tiny!

Color: Silver

This is the tiniest grill I have ever seen! Haven’t used it yet. Not sure what I can use it for! Even a half slice of bread will not fit! It is cute but I am not sure what to do with it.

± The Mini Grill is worth the price

Color: Red

When I got the grill I was surprised to see how small it was, but it made hamburgers just great. I also made grill cheese sandwich with it. I cooked about 4 hamburgers and froze them to have at a later time. It’s perfect for me because I am alone. It also stores well and it was very easy to clean. If you don’t want anything real big this is perfect. C. from NJ

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