Amazon Dude Products Wipes Flushable Dispenser Reviews
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Amazon Dude Products Wipes Flushable Dispenser Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Dude Products Wipes Flushable Dispenser Reviews

± Best wipe for wiping the best butts. But a warning.

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 3

I know that it’s just a wipe, but it’s a glorious one. Much better size and scent than the other options. The worst part is the name. I know what they’re going for but it’s embarrassing having a pack of butt wipes sitting around to begin with. Add in the name and I feel really silly. But I’ll accept that silly feeling in exchange for a sweet butt. One warning. They say that the wipes are okay to flush. And they are. But the truth is that after enough flushes you might end up with a big blob of wipes somewhere down your pipes, necessitating a visit from a plumber. Like us. Plumber pulled out a blob the size of a kid’s basketball. He warned us that either stop with the wipes or prepare to bring him back. We’ll bring him back. The wipes are that good.

± DUDE, where have you been all my life?

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 3

i have been using DUDE products for a long time and they are simply the best. I carry an individually wrapped wipe in my pocket at all times in case a train pulls into the station. I never know what to expect in foreign facilities but with DUDE wipes I am prepared for the worst. Since they are septic-safe, I use them at home as well. Finally, they are excellent for freshening the hands or cleaning up anywhere. DUDE, where have you been all my life?

± Great for Men and Women!!

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 3

My husband picked up a pack of these for his yearly "hunting trip" from Sportsmans Warehouse. He ended up being some home and I have to say as a woman with a sensitive VJ these guys work well without the discomfot that most wipes come with. We liked them so much we now order them on Amazon because they’re cheaper!

± Cleanliness is Happiness

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 3

There’s a growing trend of normal everyday adults using wipes for a totally sanitary toilet experience. Since I like a clean home, a clean self, and a clean everything, I thought I’d give it a try.

First, I tried out the Scott’s organic wipes and liked them, but thought they were too small. So then, I tried these Dude Wipes, and they’re perfect!

Each Dude wipe is wetter and bigger (just the right size). I usually don’t like anything with an added scent, but the Dude scent is subtle and clean smelling.. I don’t like having plastic containers visible, but the Dude people did a good job making these Dude packages look okay and not become the focus point. The soft plastic dispenser is practical, and reliable, at least until those wipes are done… then it’s a fresh new pack. I’ve clearly bought into this trend, and will continue to buy the Dude… maybe the world would be a better place if you would, too?

They are definitely fit for the job they’re made to do. They’re also handy wipes for various cleanups around the house or while traveling. I’ve even used these wipes to refresh armpits, clean spills of shirts, pick up pet messes, clean off seats and picnic tables.

± Great for “dudetts” too!!

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 3

I would give 10 stars if I could. I am recovering from a hemmheroidectomy, very painful surgical recovery and cannot use paper. The drugstore wipes are thin, slimy, too moist and shredded trying to get one out of the dispenser.

Dude wipes are the “Goldilocks “; easy to remove, not too wet, strong yet soft and durable with larger surface for delicate areas.

Thank you Dude Products and thank you Amazon for being an awesome “Go to ” for products that otherwise may not be discovered.

I am a 53 year old “dudett” who found the perfect product at a critical time of need.

One of the 3 packs is in my husband’s outside shop bathroom, and I plan to reorder as needed. These wipes are perfect the way they are for both genders so no need for adding perfumes or scented options please and thank you, they are “just right”.

± Great Product

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 3

My boys (5 of them ages 13 – 26) laughed when they received these in their Easter baskets. However, the feedback since then has been that they are a pretty great product. They have been used and appreciated, and that’s the extent of the feedback given to this mom.

± Felt these were too small and they tear easily when trying to wipe

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 3

Felt these were too small and they tear easily when trying to wipe. Also, they claim to be flush-able, but after only a couple of days of flushing ONLY ONE per use, as directed, I noticed the toilet starting to clog up (and I’ve been using this one for many years with no problems even with other flush-able wipes so…).

± Every guy should be using these, your butt (and anyone who might get a whiff being near it) will thank you!

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 3

These are far superior to plain old toilet paper, they get you cleaner (more easily) and as advertised; the sheets are bigger in size than the typical store- bought kind and they’re unscented, so you don’t smell like a lilac bush after. And for the price, I got a 3-pack and have re-stocked a couple times since. You won’t realize what’s been missing in your life till you get these, but once you use them, you can’t go back. haha.I even bought the travel size single packs to keep in my briefcase, either at airports and train stations or for those times in a pinch in public toilets. 5 stars +


Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 1

I remember years back when I had realized that all the hair I once enjoyed on my head slid down to my back and took up residency in my nether regions. Age brings undesirable results, and now the old “two squares” rule was out the door. It was a few years before I realized Huggies Wipes would be worth a shot, but they were not great for the septic system. Then the toilet paper companies got wise, and Cottenel seemed like the way to go. However, those dainty little things are just a bit undersized for many jobs, and while it’s no big deal to use two or three per job, they just didn’t allow much room to keep your fingers from… well… being in danger.

I don’t know why Amazon suggested these to me one day, but I bought some the other day and I am SO glad to have them now! I have talked with coworkers in the past about these types of issues, and I can’t wait for coffee time Monday so I can hand a new pack out to others who are walking rolls of carpet. As a man, just to have a black package that says DUDE on it just makes it that much manlier and easier to feel good about wanting to be squeaky clean from head to toe.

They are HUGE – not overly saturated with the cleaning solution, they don’t smell like Renuzit, and they keep your hands safe from… trespassing. Worth the money, and a definite addition to the survival bag.

Plus, no fear of judgment from linemen, road workers, hunting buddies, or gym rats. These are DUDE WIPES!!!

(And they should work for those less than feminine dudettes too.)

± Great product…

Scent Name: UnscentedSize: Pack of 1

Not a fan of using wet wipes on my butt, but ive kept these in a backpack I take on fishing trips. Have had the "opportunity" to use them on a few occasions. What can I say, I’m pleasantly surprised. Good packaging and a nice opening which seals tight. I opened the package as soon as they arrived out of curiousity and months later the remaining wipes are still fresh. Much thicker than others and Lightly scented BUT your BUTT won’t smell like roses. I like the fact that it started as a small business between room mates. Our country needs more of this, and I’m happy to support them.

I question their flushability, as I’ve pulled many so called flushable wipes out of backed up sewer systems. They do however feel different than other wipes, so maybe they actually will disolve as stated.

Overall: I’m a fan. Will Definately purchase again but will only use them outdoors.

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