Echo Input Bring Alexa speaker Reviews
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Echo Input Bring Alexa speaker Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Echo Input Bring Alexa speaker Reviews

± The Echo Input has a magnetic back that can be used with a magnetic mount in the car.

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

It was easy to set up after downloading the Alexa app update. I am using it in my car with a cellular hotspot and the bluetooth system.

± Echo Auto alternative

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

Because Amazon has been taking their sweet little time with the echo Auto and only inviting “certain” people to use it I decided to try this as an echo Auto alternative.

So far I’m happy with it, I just turn on my phone’s hotspot when I get in and I’m good to go, I’ve listened to audiobooks, made a few phone calls, it has been really nice to be able to keep my eyes on the road and ask Alexa.

my only problem and I don’t know if the echo Auto would have the same problem, on part of my commute I don’t have service and the echo doesn’t work, other than that as it’s been really nice to have in my car.

± Solution in search of a problem

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

This doesn’t do anything a dot doesn’t do. Given current pricing, pass this up.

± 2nd or 3rd gen DOT is a much better choice and value

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

Meh, get a DOT instead for the price. It will do everything the Echo Input will do and more. The description informs you that the Input will not support drop in, or calling. But it also does not support the echo remote. Even a refurbished 2nd gen DOT will cost half and do more.

± Wow, I love this!

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

I have an old Bose Soundock II, which was made to both play and charge an iPod (long before the advent of Bluetooth). It has remarkable sound, but who wants to listen to the same music over and over? I just hooked up my Echo and Bose speaker using the Echo Input without too much trouble and I’m thrilled to have the Prime Music library, combined with premium sound, available. Thanks for another great product, Amazon!

± Updated Review: Randomly Drops Speaker (Saved a Soundtouch 30 from the trash)

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

July, 2019: Updating my review of this product after about six months of use.

I’m sorry to say after six months of great service from my Amazon Input, it has started to suddenly drop connections to the Bose Soundtouch 30 I connected it to. It’s performed flawlessly until the past 30 days during which I’ve tried everything I can to debug why it just “stops” streaming music to my Soundtouch 30. Telling Alexa to “resume” results in “I’m sorry, I’m having understanding right now” and giving Alexa another command results in the same.

At this point I’m declaring the device useless and I’m not going to replace it with the same device (currently listed at $14.99 on Amazon.) Very disappointed this has happened and there doesn’t appear to be any warranty left on it since I cannot find a way to return it for replacement.

Finally, as others have pointed out, the Amazon Echo Dot is a better option due to it also having bluetooth and its own speaker which actually sounds pretty darn good. I’ve moved my Amazon Echo Dot to my Bose Soundtouch 30 and it’s been flawless as opposed to the Echo Input.

Hey Amazon, what’s the warranty on the Echo Inputs anyway? I cannot seem to find a single thing on it.

December, 2018 Review:

After purchasing a Bose Soundtouch 30 that failed to deliver on Alexa integration despite numerous promises from “that vendor” I decided to give the Echo Input as a last ditch attempt to find some usefulness for this worthless and over priced speaker from a vendor who’s name I will not mention.

Suffice it to say, within 5 minutes of receiving my Amazon Input, I have a fantastic sounding smart speaker that delivered on the functionality that the Soundtouch 30 speaker failed on every level to deliver!!!! Without the Amazon Input I was ready to chuck this over priced dumb speaker to the trash. Now I have the smart speaker I really wanted! Thank you Amazon for salvaging an otherwise wasted purchase in a Bose product!!!

UPDATE: if you have a Bose Soundtouch speaker and are having some difficulty getting it to pair with your Echo Input, you should use the Bose Soundtouch speaker software on your PC or Phone App to perform an update to the latest Bowe software on your Sound Touch. Once done, it will sync up via Bluetooth quickly. You do not need to use the Aux input on the Sound Touch with the Echo Input.

And in closing, I think Bose owes Amazon a huge thank you for enabling all the Alexa capabilities that Bose failed massively to deliver. I personally will never buy another Bose product because of their broken promises to deliver.

± Nice attempt to bring Alexa to everyone

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input


I knew this going in and was intending on connecting one of the 2 portable Bluetooth speakers I have to the dot/input and putting in the garage.

I have 2 Exho Dot 2nd Gen (bought 2 more for my kids for Christmas for their rooms) and 1 Echo and really bought this for comparison. My intent was to swap one of my Dot speakers for this, but the external speaker i intended to use is a sound bar and doesn’t have a 3.5mm connection (I don’t want to connect via Bluetooth) so I had to change plans.

I liked the size and compactness of the Input and this would be very nice where you have a portable speaker and you’re looking for something sleek and discreet that doesn’t like like and echo dot to sit near it.

Sound quality when I connect via both 3.5mm and Bluetooth tooth to my Bose SoundLink Mini was the same as the Dot (I really didn’t expect anything else).

This requires an external speaker. In a small room, though not the greatest sound quality range, I find the Dot works well and for the price, the Input just adds an unnecessary step.

Now, that being said, if you have an external speaker you want to use (I.e. outside around the pool) this is perfect as it is small and portable and provides that convenience without the bulkiness of the Dot (I’ve tried using my dot outside with speaker, very inconvenient). Also, if the Dot goes to $50 like normal or this goes lower, this is a great alternative.

± A thriller

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

The Echo Input immediately became a wonderful surprise; it feels like getting a very low price on Alexa, by using some speakers I already owned. I have over a dozen Alexa devices, every speaker option, but this thing offers a sense of independence to use alternative speakers. This is well worth the cost, even to just experiment with the device and connection options.

— the initial test is with the use of some old $20 Logitech Z130 speakers

— see Logitech 3.5mm Jack Compact Laptop Speakers, Black (Z130)

± My Whole Home Audio System just got a whole lot smarter.

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

“Alexa, play Ed Sheeran’s Candle in the Wind on Kitchen Speakers” / “Alexa, change the volume on the Patio Speakers to 5” We have a 19 year old home with great in ceiling speakers. To manage them previously we tried goofing around with airplay and then go click on the wall jack to pick the correct source, etc. I bypassed the pre-amp altogether and removed it and hooked Echo Input devices directly to our Sonance Amps that drive the 13 sets of speakers in our home. You can create speaker groups, and even set up routines to play certain playlists.

± Its a bit buggy, hard to connect via 3.5mm jack.

Color: BlackConfiguration: Echo Input

Alexa App is buggy with the Input. When I go to setup the output, the app fails and I can’t get it to output sound via the 3.5mm phone output.

The replacement Input has exactly the same issue. Tech Support thought it was a bad unit, so they set out a new one.

The Alexa App keeps looping back to the “complete your Input setup”. Its very frustrating.

Also, I’ve found that the wired output gain/volume level is set very low. Whatever speaker you connect it to, you’ll have to turn up the speaker volume pretty high in order to hear the output.

UPDATE: Amazon texh has clarified procedures for setting the volume on the Echo input. Basically, don’t forget to have the echo turn up the colume to at least “7”. Setting the volume output on the Echo is (surprise!) the equivalent to setting the pre-amp gain volume after all. I found that for my strreo receiver, the Echo input volume should be set to “10”. There’s no distortion at that level, and it’s a vast improvement over having to crank up the amp’s main volume.

However, the bugginess of the Alexa App setup still persists. Maybe a patch update or two will get that right.

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