Amazon Essential Prenatal Multivitamin Supplement Omega 3s Reviews
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Amazon Essential Prenatal Multivitamin Supplement Omega 3s Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Essential Prenatal Multivitamin Supplement Omega 3s Reviews

± Good but there are cheaper options

These vitamins have a great taste but upon reading the ingredients/nutrients they are EXACTLY the same as spring valley prenatal gummies which are less than half the cost. Happy with these but not happy with the price comparatively.

± I’m sad to say I’m disappointed…

I never write reviews but this scared me! I bought these gummies a few months ago and started taking them every day. I was running low so I placed a new order recently. I got them in a and they came in completely different packaging with a cooling pack! The first order came in a regular box with no cooling pack. The first order the color was dark and didn’t smell like anything and the second one was a complete different vitamin. They look good and smell very orange like. I’m really worried that it wasn’t packaged properly and my baby didn’t get all the necessary vitamins! I’m extremely disappointed… especially because I love ordering things like this on Amazon ☹️. If you decide to order these please make sure they come in the cooling pack and they have a bright orange color to them!!!!

± This is NOT what they are supposed to look like

This batch of prenatals is not right! Something is off I don’t know if they’re bad (don’t expire until 2020) but they look disgusting & discolored. The first picture of the full container is the one I just received as a subscribe and save, the emptier one is what they are supposed to look like.

± Yummy

These are very yummy vitamins and I look forward to taking them. That being said the description states you’re buying ‘vibrant citrus’ flavor but you always receive ‘sweet citrus’ Yes, it’s a minor difference but annoying when you really prefer the one flavor to the other. I’ve bought these at least twice thinking the first time was maybe my fault but both times receiving the vibrant citrus flavor

± Great tasting pre-natal vitamins

The only prenatal that doesn’t make my stomach sick. They taste great too!!!

± Taste delicious, no side effects of nausea

Best prenatal I’ve ever had. Taste delicious, no gagging on horse pills, & unlike other prenatals I never once got nauseous after taking these. My little one is now 18 months and I still take them due to nursing and my hair and nails are definitely benefiting. I recommend them to everyone!

± Tastes really good, but they don’t have iron

Especially during the early months of morning sickness, these were the only prenatal vitamin I could stand. They do not have any iron in them however (no gummies do), so I’ve had to switch to one of those horrible giant pills instead, because I really needed the iron. But as far as gummy prenatals go, these were definitely my favorite. They tasted sweet and citrusy. The only annoying thing was having to take two a day- I almost wish they just made one giant vitamin so you didn’t have to take two.

± These don’t contain iron

Just be aware, I read most gummy vitamins don’t contain iron so I checked the bottle and I did not see iron listed. I was anemic in my last pregnancy so I didn’t want to risk it and bought a separate iron supplement. Overall, these taste fine but having to take a separate iron supplement ruined the convenience for me. I’d really prefer my prenatal contain iron to begin with so i now have a different brand since I used these up and I ordered the kind you swallow since it has iron. These were good in that they tasted good and did not make me feel nauseated.

± Not bad for vitamins.

The picture is misleading, these are shaped like small flat disks and are very soft so they are prone to sticking to each other. The taste was pleasant though and my hair and nails have grown like crazy since I have started these.

± Great taste, chewable, with DHA!!

I got these for my pregnant wife and she loves them. She suffers a lot of nausea and has trouble keeping other pills down. Since these are chewable tablets, it is much easier for her to keep them down. She also states that the flavor is really good, which help a lot. However, she does state you can tell from the gummies that there is a slight “chalky” taste. Overall though, will be purchasing again!!

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