Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Reviews
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Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Reviews

± The Remote quickly learns how to power the tv AND accessories

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

Although there are already 9,000 plus reviews and no one will ever read this, I think it’s worth noting how easy it is to setup the remote to power on not only the television but accessories as well. Remember those code books from days gone by where you had to enter a number of codes to get a remote to work with a receiver, or a sound bar? This thing does the work for you. It EASILY sets up to work both my TV and my SOUND BAR. The fact that my TV is one brand and my sound bar is another is no problem. I love not having to fish for 3 different remote controls whenever I want to watch Amazon Prime or Netflix.

± Be careful when gift giving!

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

WARNING! I didn’t realize that when you buy any Amazon device like this one (or a tablet, etc) it comes preloaded with your info. That’s great.

But if you gift it to someone else it has all your info, and they can buy & install apps, make in app purchases and so on. You then have to rely on them to figure out how to switch it to their Amazon account…if they even have one.

EASY FIX. I guess I just needed to mark the “This is a gift” or the “This order contains a gift” box available on the Cart page.

± Even a luddite can use it

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

High speed internet, wi-fi, etc., did not get to my neck of the woods until very recently so my experience with these devices was limited. The first was chrome cast which was good except I had to bring the laptop into the living room (I don’t care to watch on a small screen) to be able to cast to the TV. I know, a not a real big problem, but still awkward. Also, it was a bit tricky for me to set up. I finally took the plunge and purchased the fire stick. I have read some reviews that are quite technical and way above my pay grade. I will keep this simple. The fire stick has been very, very, good for me. Set up was a snap. I don’t have a smart TV, just a fairly new, cheap, HD. The picture is great and so is the sound. If there are technical glitches I haven’t noticed them. I still need practice negotiating the screens, but that will come with time. I am getting used to talking to a machine, but still say “please” when addressing Alexa. I have already spent a couple of snow days catching up on two seasons of “The Blacklist” and have almost gotten through “Bosch “. I still haven’t had time for the movies. There is so much available it boggles the mind. I guess all of this identifies me as an old person. Well, I certainly am and for me the fire stick is the best thing to come along since the VCR. I would highly recommend it for my fellow oldies who may be a bit leery about trying something out of their comfort zone.

± Very unhappy. Please read and advise me.

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

This isn’t a review, but it is more of a statement… I just got my firestick a week ago and so far I am so unhappy with it. the setup and everything went fine it’s just that on many of the movies I choose I have audio but no video, another issue is many of the basic channels that I thought were basic like lifetime and CBS and certain other ones I have to pay for to see. I thought they were many more free channels. Another thing, is the buffering. Most everything that I have tried to watch just keeps buffering and I can watch the same movie on my phone or my tablet which is the same Wi-Fi connection that I use for my TV and I can watch the whole movie before I can see anything on my TV. I’m about to send this back I don’t understand what the big deal is with this item. and I tried to get local channels I can only get one local channel and then I can’t even see it live. It just shows me what the latest headlines were on that news show. Please tell me something I don’t know or that it will get better somehow.

± Remote difficult to open and firestick keeps restarting and overheating

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

I dislike the fact that I had to pry the remote open with a pair of my scissors. I wish there was a simpler way to open it. Maybe I did not possess the strength to push it open. Also my firestick restarts itself randomly. Support helped me and I thought it fixed it but it did not. It’s overheating!! I’ve had these issues before but not straight out the box. Really upsetting.

± Great upgrade over first edition Fire Stick

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

We owned the initial firestick and had used it regularly for years. A remote issue forced us to replace the unit, and I’m so glad we did! The responsiveness and speed of the new version is amazing! No more lagging or double click. The new remote is also a huge upgrade with the voice control option. It’s a must have!

± So easy to setup

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

This is an upgrade from my original firestick. The installation was so easy, Amazon is really good with their step by step instructions. It works perfectly but the thing I like even more than the voice control is the size of the remote. That original remote was ridiculously small and easy to loose.

± Love it, mostly

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

Out of the box I was disappointed with the remote. I couldn’t get it opened to insert the batteries. Finally my husband used a screwdriver and forced it open. Meanwhile I had gotten onto Chat for support and they had pretty quickly agreed to send me a replacement, which would have arrived in three or four days. So I had to get on chat support again to get them to cancel the replacement. That was quick and easy. But if you have difficulty getting the battery compartment open, just use more force, and insert a small screwdriver to get it open. It’s not as delicate as it seems at first. Support was excellent.

But I’m disappointed in the way the remote works. I would compare e it to a walkie talkie, not so much an Alexa device. You have to press a button in order to talk to the remote. So you have to have the remote in your hand in order to control the tv and turn it on/off.

Our setup is that we have cable on just the living room tv. I got the Firestick for a second tv in a bedroom. And that second tv now is preferable to the livingroom tv. The remote makes it much easier to navigate. But the Alexa function is clumsy. I don’t feel comfortable with the walkie talkie function, and Alexa isn’t really smooth, though I suppose it will improve. Suggestions for use do pop up on screen. So there’s a learning curve for me, and I suppose for the Alexa system. I do like the remote and the way it controls the screen content. But the Alexa interface isn’t so satisfactory.

I have several Alexa devices scattered around the house, so I’m familiar with the interface, and like it, and am addicted to it. But I just don’t like the way Alexa works in this application. Or more accurately, I don’t like the button. And in a setting where you have several people watching, only the person with the remote controls the tv, just as with an older remote system. And the remote is very small, and easily lost, so beware.

± Would not buy again, would not recommend.

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

We live in a house with several high tech toys, The TVs are all smart, so I never had use for one of these. Several friends had the firestick and seemed to enjoy them. We also have a video projector which requires an input source, which I had used a smart blu ray player. During a recent sale I went ahead and bought one thinking it would be an easier option for an input source. Setup was easy enough, but performance was a big disappointment, compared to the blu ray app for amazon video prime, the firestick did not show at a suitable video quality. We have multiple hdmi inputs and even tested at the same time. I moved the firestick to test on the tvs, still a disappointing video quality. We also noticed a flicker now and then which was annoying (every few minutes. There are only 2 of us, so not an issue of over used bandwidth, our wifi is strong and speed is high. Our main issue is poor video quality. Going to do more testing, but this device failed to meet expectations.

Update: Amazon reached out to me based on my review. I had to call them back so I was at my device. After 3 dropped calls I was able see the call through to the end. The customer service rep was no help. She had no way to improve the video quality, and even though it is an Amazon product they will not replace it because it was bought through one of their vendors and not them directly. If Amazon is not willing to stand behind their product sold through a vendor, they should not sell their devices through vendors.

± Darned Near Perfection

Configuration: Fire TV Stick

I’ve cut the cord. Still love Dish, just not the bill.

The Amazon Recast, was the missing piece. With it, I can record, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Me TV and watch the recorded shows on any of my 6 TV’s with various forms of the Fire TV Devices.

Not that Amazon needs my defending… but I feel the need to address some of the complaints by folks that are mostly not up to the task of using the product.

1. Can’t get the battery cover off the remote. I’ve experienced it…. used a single edged razor blade to start it…. and never had another problem. Heck I have to use pliers to get the Kraft salad dressing lids off… so I feel your pain.

2. Buffering… If your using the free modem that your ISP gave you, you are asking for problems. I’ve got a Linksys 5400, better part of $300… but I’ve got about 75 wifi devices… no problem handing out a great stream of my Fiber Optic Internet.

3. No Auio, No Video… you’ve got a defective TV or Fire Stick…. use another TV and a DVD/Blue Ray player to figure out which and replace. Hopefully it’s the fire stick.

4. Complaints that you have to pay for content you thought would be free. Locals… Fire Recast if antenna gets it. Direct TV Now if not.

5. Complaints it won’t run You Tube TV…. I can envision that could be frustrating. I envision Amazon will eventually support it, if it takes off… or I’ve looked at You Tube TV and all it’s content IS available elsewhere.

6. Over Priced? If there are other cheaper products that meet your needs buy them. The best way of getting Amazon to “hear” you is with your wallet.

7. Didn’t hook to my 3 receivers…. (volume)… sorry but it hooked brain dead easy to my 2 Pioneers and 1 Sony..

8. In app interface funky…. I don’t understand this one. I’ve used Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and a couple of others on various devices… it seems as though the app interface is by service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.) not by device ie Firestick, Roku, Apple TV. I could be wrong.

9. Won’t warrent the product…. there is a warranty period… they will for that time… or buy an extended warranty.

I suppose I’m an Amazon Fanboy. 8 echo dots, 2 echo shows, an Echo Connect Amazon Recast.

With Echo I can turn off or on every light in my house. Start my wife’s car. Open the garage door. Turn on TV’s get the news….

A very enjoyable device.

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