Amazon Goodbye Supplement L THEANINE Verbena Packaging Reviews
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Amazon Goodbye Supplement L THEANINE Verbena Packaging Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Goodbye Supplement L THEANINE Verbena Packaging Reviews

± Brought My Sweet Child Back

Size: 42 Count

I was very skeptical on trying this brand, especially after reading through some of the reviews. But my 1st grader has some serious ADD/ADHD and anxiety going on that is causing her to fall behind in school. So I was pretty desperate to try anything and GABA keeps coming up in some of the groups I’m apart of.

I ordered and over the weekend I took it for myself first just to have an idea of what to expect and to get an idea on how to dose my daughter. Just one gummie mellowed me out completely (reminded me of my high school days of getting stoned). When I felt confident it wouldn’t kill my daughter LOL I gave it to her and yesterday was her first day in school taking GABA. She had a perfect report, I can’t remember the last time that happened, as well as a follow up email from her teacher on how different her attitude was that day. Things that would typically trigger her she sailed right over smoothly. I had a completely calm and loving child after taking this. It’s not a miracle cure by any means, but it takes the edge off enough so she is able to use the coping mechanism and therapy to her advantage.

I’ve been recommending this brand to everyone in my circle, I am that impressed.

± Actually took my anxiety away!

Size: 42 Count

This product really took my stress and anxiety away! I have really bad anxiety and I was really not wanting to go to the doctor to get a prescription to help it, but this product will do just fine! I’m so glad that I found this product!

± They really work, worth a try.

Size: 42 Count

Love these. I have suffered from anxiety attacks for years now that has improved slowly over time. I can tell when it’s starting up and I’ll take 1 or 2 of these depending on the level I’m feeling and these dont always fix it, but sometimes they do, but they make quite a noticable difference that I would rather continue purchasing these to help manage my anxiety than use medications with potentially ugly side effects. You just have to take them as soon as you feel it coming on, not once you’re feeling it in full of you know what i mean and you should if you’ve experienced anxiety.

± Works! Seriously.

Size: 42 Count

Loooooooove this. Have since referred to a large portion of my social circle as a good support for on-demand de-stressing. Will buy again. And again.

± Excellent product!

Size: 42 Count

Product did exactly as advertised. I take them in the evening and they relax me enough so that I am able to drift off and get a good night’s sleep. I feel much better in the morning and actually want to get things done during the day. Will be ordering again!

± Helpful little gummies that taste great

Size: 42 Count

I can’t say how much I love this gummy supplement. The label says to take two gummies as needed for stress. I don’t take them regularly, just when things get a little hectic, and the effect is like a nice cup of tea. I even recommended them to my mom, who has been taking anxiety medication recently, as an option for her that was non-prescription. She says they do seem to help. As a bonus, they taste great and don’t upset my stomach. I would definitely recommend this product.

± My Day Floats By…

Size: 42 Count

When I use these, my day seems to just float by. I take them to work just in case I need them, and they always seem to help when I’m feeling stressed out.

± Definitely helps with the stress and I almost feel like it helped the next day

Size: 42 Count

I think I’m gonna start taking these at bed time because they seem to get me a little bit groggy. Definitely helps with the stress and I almost feel like it helped the next day. I only took one because sometimes I overthink things and they make me feel different. I’ll try another one at bedtime and see How I feel tomorrow

± Honestly kind of dangerous

Size: 42 Count

I think its a bad idea to have melatonin in these. I understand why its in them, but people don’t realize that melatonin can make depression, and anxiety worse. Just be aware if you’re taking these to help your mental health. You might be better off with aome hot tea, and a book, or maybe a calming youtube video. Melatonin can also make nightmares occor more often, and to be more vivid. Just be careful with them.

± Helps Musicians with Performance Anxiety!

Size: 42 Count

I am a doctoral trumpet student who has struggled with performance anxiety my entire life. I love what I do, but I get extremely nervous at the most unpredictable moments. My hands shake, my mouth gets dry, my heart rate is through the roof, etc. I have performed without beta blockers for the last fifteen years and am not interested in trying them simply because I do not want to rely on them or have any adverse side effects. I researched some all-natural anxiety suppressing supplements on Amazon and this one had some great reviews and is very natural in the ingredients. I decided to try these on a whim just to see if they’d even HELP me cope with some of the anxiety I experience. I took one at night and one the next morning on a particularly hectic and stressful day. I noticed my heart rate was controlled, my breathing was normal and not shallow, and my overall stress levels were WAY down. I had no adverse side effects either! I really do believe in these! They definitely help, even if just a tiny bit. That little bit of help is exactly what I need to be able to get through some stressful situations! They are reasonably priced and I only take them when I have a stressful performance.

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