Amazon Hint Watermelon Sweeteners Preservatives Artificial Reviews
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Amazon Hint Watermelon Sweeteners Preservatives Artificial Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Hint Watermelon Sweeteners Preservatives Artificial Reviews

± Nothing else like it!!!

This is the BEST drink on the market today! I do not seek "organic’, "all natural", or the numerous other buzz terms out there, I simply want to avoid sugar and I HATE artificial sweeteners. I do not like carbonation, but simply want water with “some” taste. Prior to Hint, I would use a lemon squeezed in water. I still like that, but its no comparison to Hint. I do not like the retail price of Hint and wish it came in a larger container (lower cost and better for the environment), but until then, I search Amazon and almost daily for flavors offered at a lower price. I have been successful at only paying between $10-12 per 12 pack. The picture below is only one half of my stock I purchased over the past few weeks while getting the better pricing.

So understand what you are getting when you order Hint. It is not going to taste like soda, but sure beats plain water. My kids even love it and have almost stopped drinking soda. I am not sure if it is the taste or because they know “it is dad’s” and a little pricey, but they drink at least 1-2 a day.

Again, I am not seeking 80% of what the product stands for (and doubt I agree with much of a San Francisco based company), but the product is AWESOME and I will continue to buy until someone comes up with something better….with NO sugar or artificial sweetener! I rave about the product to just about everyone. I want more to be sold to get the price down and availability up.

BTW, I typically do not like Watermelon flavoring, but is one of the most refreshing and I love it.

± Overpriced tasteless ‘Water’

I bought this expecting more of a flavored water type drink but was completely wrong. It tastes like regular water with a touch of watermelon which is super hard to taste. It kinda makes the water taste gross as well. I am a huge lover of watermelon flavored drinks and this is one of the worst waters I’ve tried I’d say.

It stinks because I really expected more from it! If only it was stronger watermelon taste or maybe even sweeter it would be good.

But to be honest, it’s bland & extremly overpriced for what you get.

I wouldn’t buy again unless they make changes to this water by increasing the added flavor so it doesn’t just taste like your drink plain gross water with a small touch of watermelon that is hardly noticeable.

± My son and daughter love these!!

I bought these for my grown daughter to get her to drink more water (and less soda!). Wasn’t sure she’d even drink them, I hadn’t tried Hint water myself.

She loves them and wants more flavors! Said that watermelon hasn’t been a flavor she would buy herself because it usually has an artificial taste – but this is natural and delicious.

She gave two to her brother and he loves them too. He’s into healthier foods & beverages anyway. The price is right on the watermelon flavor, too.

± Great that this is NOT carbonated!

I ordered this flavor as well as blackberry, honeydew, and peach. While peach and blackberry are my most favorite, this is a close second. Nice to find a great tasting flavored water that’s NOT carbonated. Definitely worth the purchase.

± So refreshing!

I don’t know how they do it! Ok, yes, I do know how they do it, but I’m still amazed that something so pure, aside from plain water, can taste this good! Hint has managed to take water, refreshing live-saving water, and enhance it without any added junk (sweeteners, preservatives, etc.). Of course I drank water prior to finding Hint, but I also admit to loving my caffeine and other flavored drinks. Although I want to be healthy, I also like having a little flavor and Hint water lets me do just that! I’ve tried both the watermelon and peach flavors and liked them both, however, watermelon is my definite favorite. In my opinion, they’re good at both room temperature and chilled, but I prefer it cold as the flavor seems brighter (a bit more pronounced). I would not describe it as sweet like a beverage that has a sweetener in it, but it’s definitely has a sweet natural flavor to it. I have 2 cases of the watermelon on Amazon Subscribe & Save and I still run out sometimes. I highly recommend getting the variety pack if you are looking to try a bunch of different flavors, or go with good ol’ watermelon and them branch out. Whatever you do, definitely give it a try!

± Helps Me Drink More Water

Thanks to Hint Water in Watermelon and in Blackberry I drink so much more water!!! Those are my 2 fave flavors by far. I’ve tried them all, and the only 2 I really don’t like at all are the Lime and the Pear. The ones I like next after my 2 faves are the Strawberry Kiwi and the Honeydew. Then would probably be the Pomegranate, the Pineapple and the Blood Orange. I’m not super fond of the Cherry and the Apple, but I’ll drink them.

± Nice Refreshing Drink That Even Soda Lovers Will Like

This is a nice, refreshing drink. I love pure water, but sometimes you just want to add some flavor without going overboard and making it into a sports drink or a soda. Hint has a good balance of pure and clean, and just enough noticeable flavor that even a soda junkie can appreciate it.

The best flavors seem to be the Blackberry, the Peach, and this one (Watermelon). I tried others but these were the ones that made the biggest impression.

If you can get these for no more than $1 – $1.25 per bottle, that that is a good deal. I would also like it if these were available in full liter bottles, but maybe those will come in time as the brand gets more popular.

± Great deal!

I love Hint water. This is my second favorite flavors and I love that they’re not overbearing but you can taste when the fruit is.

± One of my favorite flavors!

I decided to try Hint water, but just the water. No caffeine or carbonation. So I started with the variety pack. I think it’s the best way to try it! I wish they’d do more variety packs! 🙂 I think it’d increase sales. Anyway, the watermelon was in the variety pack. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it became a favorite! The taste is great! I just purchased a case (?) of them! I liked all of the flavors but one in the pack, but still finishing all of them. 🙂 I definitely recommend the watermelon!

± great water if you have the $$

I found this one over the summer somehow I must’ve picked it up because I’m always drinking water and I was looking for something with a little flavor in it the watermelon is my favorite but I have to say that it is expensive it’s over a dollar bottle so if you drink a lot of water during the day as do I I could be considerably costly But I do still drink it and I do still buy it what a melon is still my favorite flavor black cherry of being the second and red raspberry being the third I did not like the granny apple and I didn’t like the thing is strawberry kiwi not a favorite

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