Introducing Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, White, Works with Alexa Reviews
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Introducing Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, White, Works with Alexa Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Introducing Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, White, Works with Alexa Reviews

± Competent and Clear Video

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 1 Cam

 Verified purchase and authentic video from this camera.

It’s tiny! (That’s what she said…) In all seriousness, it is a very small camera. But so far, it seems to be a very competent device. The colors are sharp and crisp, the resolution is amazing and it’s everything I’ve come to expect from Ring.

The camera is a fixed position camera (no pan/tilt feature), but it does have a wide viewing angle. The images you see are as clean and distinct on the far edges as they are in the center of the picture/video. It really is a nice view.

The only reservation I have with this camera is Amazon and Ring’s willingness to use our cameras for law enforcement. Mind you, I’m not breaking any laws, but at the same time I’m not willing to give any company the ability to view my private life with or without my consent. As far as I know, neither company is using the data from my cameras for their own reasons, but I’m still suspect of their intent.

However, despite my tin-foil hat and conspiracy theories, I’m loving my Ring camera. It has two-way communication and an alarm to scare my dogs when they fall asleep on the couch. Bad dog! Get off the couch and don’t bark at me, you silly puppy! I digress, it’s a fantastic device and for the price ($60 at the time of this review), it’s everything we expect from Ring. Five stars.

± Zero privacy

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 2 Cams

I am very disappointed in the functionality of this product.

Having indoor security is a great thing but I do not wanna have to give up all of my privacy to get it. There are plenty of reasons why a person may not want to be recorded inside their home. Currently, you have no options for turning off the cameras from the app.

After more than half an hour on the phone with customer support, they made it clear that there was no option for privacy except for physically unplugging the cameras. This is extremely impractical. My cameras, for instants, are mounted up at the ceiling and need a ladder to access. I’m sure that I do not need to give you examples of all the reasons that this would be problematic, since I can think of a half dozen off the top of my head.

Another possible partial solution would be restricting what information shared users can see. Currently there don’t seem to be any options at all about how much someone can see if you share your account with them. If they were option settings for sharing, I could decide how much they see. But there aren’t.

I am still deciding if I will be keeping these new cameras or not.

± I would recommend Wyze Cam for better value

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 1 Cam

This ring indoor camera looks like a solid camera, and I can’t wait to receive my order to test it. I am giving it a 4 star for now and will update later based on actual usage.

But based on the features that are described here, I think Wyze cam offers more value for rought 1/3 of the price. Wyze cam provides free on-camera A.I for person detection and free 14 days of cloud storage, which has great value.

± Great Camera for the price, if you want it mounted near an outlet

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 1 Cam



Daylight video

Easy Setup


Hardware that comes with it will not mount into studs (screws too shallow).

Power cord is a proprietary micro USB (plug recessed deep on the camera) so unable to use just any micro-usb plug.

Night video has issues keeping everything in focus (blurry top of the screen)

First and foremost, its a 60 dollar camera. The least expensive camera Ring has produced. I have the Doorbell Pro, and the floodlight camera watching the front and back of my house, so was excited to see a cheaper option to put one in my garage.

The camera itself is incredibly small, almost the size of the ring doorbell itself. Setting it up was a breeze if you already have a Ring device. Took me 15 minutes to get the camera up and running and added to my existing Ring app.

The video quality is on par with the other devices in the daylight. No complaints about that. The night vision however, seems like it has some issues. I’ve noticed that anything on the top of the screen comes off blurry and out of focus in night vision. I haven’t experienced that with other ring cameras, and may be due to mounting the camera high on the wall and it having an issue keeping everything in focus. I know they increased the viewing angles on this model, so it may also have to do with that. Its purely speculation, but it is a 60 dollar camera, so not a deal breaker for me. Its not like Spiderman will be breaking into my garage.

The biggest negative on this device however (and why I took away a star) is the hardware. The mounting screws are far too shallow to get through drywall and into a stud. So they include the anchors for drywall, and you will need to mount this into the anchors. This seems like a huge miss considering most Ring devices account for this and always have included the appropriate hardware.

The other negative is the power cord. Six foot is hardly enough to work with. With the camera being powered with a micro-usb, if you’re thinking “well just buy a longer usb cord”, that won’t work. The plug in on the back of the camera is far too recessed for anything other than the cord that it comes with. So unless you’re looking to use a typical 120 extension cable, make sure you’re planning on mounting this close to the outlet.

± Small size and high quality camera

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 1 Cam

 I am really impressed with this camera, and also own the Echo Show 5. The wide angle lens covers a lot of my living room. So happy I can monitor the activities of my 3 cats from the bedroom. Setup is a breeze if you have owned a Ring device. I also have the doorbell. ***** Highly Recommend this item as well as a great price.

One thing that is a bit troubling is the volume on the cam does not appear to be adjustable and is rather loud and distorted. I have a support ticket in with Ring. Working smoothly with Windows 10 PC and also Android phone.

± Defective product + bad customer service = loss of loyal customer

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 2 Cams

I love Ring products. They are a great idea and work well.

I just received a two pack indoor cameras which arrived promptly but one of the two power supplies was defective.

I decided to chat customer support. In my opening chat I gave my name, described the problem, explained what I did to troubleshoot the problem and how I confirmed a dead power supply. The agent didn’t even read it and wasted my time asking questions that were already answered.

The support chat took over 20 minutes with long delays between responses and the agent was still not able to confirm shipment of a replacement. It was as if the agent was working several calls and not focused on my chat.

Defective product plus poor customer service is a recipe to loose loyal customers. I was an early adopter of Ring and have many of their products. This experience has given me pause when considering them in the future or recommending Ring to others.

± Very easy set-up, well-designed, great functionality

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 1 Cam

Very easy setup, great image quality (light or dark), great audio quality, nice form-factor, perfect integration with my Ring network.


This took about 4 minutes to set-up. That includes opening the box and updating my Ring app. Amazing! This is my 3rd Ring camera (first of this type), and I also have 3 other d-link cameras and 15+ other network-connected smart home devices and this one had been the easiest to set-up, by far! Most have required at least one call to CustSvc at some point in the process (& I’m very familiar with IOT and network installs). I didn’t need any of that knowledge with this new Ring device. I’d recommend you install/update your Ring app first, as that was my only hiccup (old versions dont have the new hardware listed).


So: install/update Ring app > Open box > remove and unwrap device & plug (usb to 2-prong usb) > plug in to outlet > in the app, tap add device (or devices > add…) > Quick scan of barcode w/phone camera > and viola! you’re off to play with some settings and have more convenience/security/peace of mind in your life!

In the app, you can adjust motion zones, notification sound/volume, link to other devices, snooze motion, and other functions, as with the other Ring cameras.


It can be mounted on a flat shelf surface, on the wall, or on the ceiling. Wall anchors and screws are included. And w/your own philips head screwdriver, the base moves to the back for wall mounting. The base also articulates quite a bit, maintaining stability, and holding its position well. It seems very well thought-out in that regard.


I’m using this in an unconventional way. My laundry room isn’t easy to get to, so I have the cam pointed at my machines in the hopes of being able to check on loads before stopping what I’m doing and making the trek to a mid-cycle load. (Or for a quick chat with hubby if he’s in there). I also plan to position it to capture other utilities, to check on any alarms that might be triggered (fire, smoke, flood…). Here’s hoping i never need it for that. (pics to show light & dark quality; no editing or filters. I know I gotta clean up in there 😄)

I rely on reviews to help me make informed decisions. I hope this review helped you 🙂

± Literally a fraction of the size/cost of its bigger companion!

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 1 Cam

I needed a cam to see the inside of the house when we are out. Decided to give this one a try since it was meant to be indoors.


– smaller profile (I placed this cam next to the Ring Stickup Battery Cam, and an 8oz bottle of water for comparison)

– easy setup (took a total of 2 minutes to get up and running)

– two way audio had a delay, but still less than my Arlo cams.


– initial lag. At least on my device, there seems to be about 2 seconds worth of feed that is “fastforwarded” before the stream stabilizes. Not a deal breaker, but the other ring cams I have do not do this.

Overall, great product that fulfills a niche purpose. Cheap alternative if you need specifically, an economical indoor cam.

± Great small camera for indoor monitoring

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 1 Cam

I really like the size of the indoor cam compared to the stickup cam wired (Gen 2). It is noticeably smaller in size and looks better when used inside. Overall the picture quality is nice, sound works well (I am able to control an Alexa Show through the camera), and it captured motion events reliably.

Comparing to the stickup cam wired, there are a few things to note. The stickup cam shows color video in lower light before switching to IR night vision as compared to the indoor cam. Also, the indoor cam has a narrower field of view, but to be honest, I likely only noticed because I did a side by side comparison of them; without seeing them sitting next to each out, I doubt you would notice, but it is a difference. I didn’t find anything the indoor cam did better except for physical looks, however, is it a fraction of the cost of the stickup cam wired (soon to be re-released as stickup cam elite). If you are in the market for an indoor camera, I would strongly recommend looking at this one unless you need POE, in which case the Stickup Cam Elite (or Gen 2 Wired) is the better choice.

± The RING products are the best, in my opinion!

Style: Indoor CamConfiguration: 1 Cam

I think it’s best for this cam placement if you put it with a crowded counter or shelf to not be as noticeable as a recording camera. Once set, it hides well.

I already have 2 doorbells and 3 chimes and an outdoor cam with siren and security lights.

I have another type of indoor cameras, the WYZE cams … you can see my review on that in my reviews section … they are not reliable at all. They are very hard to use when away from home .. can’t share the videos from the phone. One even just stopped working!! Low priced, and in this case, you get what you pay for!

This new indoor cam was easy as heck to set up and connect to the app to go right with my other cams. The view is amazing! The picture quality and sound is the best! Yes, you’ll pay more, but do it! It’s worth it.

None of the RING products have EVER let me down, close to home or away!

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