Amazon love you Poultry Plenty Grain Reviews
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Amazon love you Poultry Plenty Grain Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon love you Poultry Plenty Grain Reviews

± New formula not so good

Flavor Name: Poultry A Plenty

I started feeding my cats the nude food poultry a plenty about a year ago and they loved it. However, the last bag I ordered says "new and improved formula" and they won’t touch it no matter how hungry they are. Not sure exactly what changed, but I won’t be ordering it again.

± New formula, cheaper quality

Flavor Name: Surf ‘N Chick

My cat used to love this food, but the new bag we received is quite odd: there is no ziplock closure anymore on this bag, so once its open, its open for good. The colors of the new versus old bag are different as well and the bag feels more thin and less sturdy. Additionally it says 44% protein now, not the 45% that was advertised on the old bag. The new kibbles look, feel, and smell different. In fact, they don’t have much of a smell at all, so now my cat won’t eat it. Great

± This food resolved our cat’s allergy issue.

Flavor Name: Surf ‘N Chick

A year ago our cat had begun to vomit frequently, to the point that she was no longer able to keep any food down. Our vet suggested it might be an allergic reaction she had developed to a popular brand typically available on supermarket shelves. She was treated with a steroid injection, but we were informed the treatment was only temporary and that the inflammation caused by the allergic reaction might well return in a few weeks. In an online search I found "I and love and you" & decided to try it, transitioning to the new food gradually as recommended. After a year she is still on this food, and the problem has not returned. Also, she seems to need to eat less of it. She just eats what she needs and has maintained a healthy weight without my having to manage her diet in any special way. This signals to me that she is getting good nutrition from this food without consuming "empty calories." It is somewhat more expensive than the grocery store food we had been using, but not a lot more. I have not found it on sale locally, but it is readily available online and ships free with Amazon Prime. Kitty is happy. So we are too.

± Bloodwork is awesome after eating I And Love And You! What A live saver!!

Flavor Name: Poultry A Plenty

My kitten had liver issues and her blood work kept coming back as abnormal levels. We switched her to Nurtro and still had abnormal liver results…. We then I switched her to I And Love And You, after being on this food for four months her bloodwork and liver readings came back with beautiful results. We have a 12yr, 9yr and a 1yr on this food and the bloodwork readings have never been better. So not sure where you came up with this BS, but all my kitties are healthy and going awesome!!

± Had great hopes but disappointed.

Flavor Name: Surf ‘N Chick

My very large unpicky cat won’t touch this food. Was hoping for a good response but he walked around it for 2 days and picked out the usual food when I was mixing them. Also increase in vomiting which has never been an issue.

± Love this company

Flavor Name: We Be Salmon

Love this company! They’re facility is all wind-powered, and they seem to have good ingredients. Some of their products have carageenan (somewhat controversial, but no hard proof that it’s bad for cats), and I love that they support using cage free chickens/ wild salmon. I myself am a vegetarian, but because cats do not thrive on veggies, I try to find the best quality meat for my little carnivores.

± Grain free is the way to be

Flavor Name: Poultry A Plenty

I bought this as a last ditch effort to help my fat cat (19.5 lbs, eek!) lose some weight — the next step was going to be a consultation with the vet. She’s lost a couple pounds after eating just this and the occasional treats and/or dollops of wet food (Wellness Cat food, or Spot’s Stew) in the 2 months she’s been eating it. A lot of her weight and girth seemed to be bloat so I thought perhaps grains were playing a role. So far she’s very noticeably less bloated, lost a couple pounds, and is way more energetic.

± Affordable and Great Grain Free Cat Food

Flavor Name: Poultry A Plenty

Was so happy with this product! And of course it passes my cat’s (Kala) taste test. I’ve been exclusively feeding her grain free cat food since I got her at 8 weeks old (poor thing was abandoned in a mall parking lot). I have several friends who have animals who are all very sensitive to grains/gluten, and I didn’t want her to go through that. This is a great quality brand that I (nor Kala) have ever had an issue with, and now we subscribe and save! Thank you I And Love And You!

± One Star

Flavor Name: Surf ‘N Chick

All 4 cats refused to eat it


Flavor Name: Poultry A Plenty

I’ve been using this food with my cat for years, but I purchased from the pet store or ThriveMarket. This is the first time I purchased the food through Amazon and my cat had a bad reaction. She ate it somewhat normally the first few days then I noticed she was dry heaving and licking her lips more frequently when eating. This happened for around 4 days because I thought it might have been a hairball. Took my cat to the vet and switched foods and she is back to her normal self. Might be the manufacturing company? No idea, but never again.

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