Amazon MARLOWE Exfoliating Ingredients Sandalwood Agarwood Reviews
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Amazon MARLOWE Exfoliating Ingredients Sandalwood Agarwood Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon MARLOWE Exfoliating Ingredients Sandalwood Agarwood Reviews

± Let me tell you a story about a bar of soap that will change your life

I had bought this bar of soap nearly a year ago and after using it, I just thought to myself, “that’s an okay bar, but let me try something else that’s a little cheaper.”

Now, here we are, a year later. I’ve tried out three different brands of soap since then and they all did not work as well as this single bar. One brand I had bought came in a pack of six smaller bars, I believe about 4.5 oz compared to this 7 oz bar. I went through four of them in the same amount of time as this one. The other two brands did what most soaps do and dried out my skin way too much.

This is the soap for you. Trust me.

And for those wondering about the exfoliation, it will hurt at first if you’re not used to it already, but after the first or second shower with this, this soap will be your standard. You might as well subscribe to it.

± Made for MEN but can be used by tough WoMEN.

Use to buy it at Target like many have stated and was bummed when they stopped selling it. Happy they started selling it on Amazon. It is a very rough exfoliating soap marketed towards Men, probably because of its rough grittiness. I mean this thing is close to sandpaper rough which is what I want after a long hard day of work. As an HVAC technician I have to crawl into dirty old attics as well as under houses at times, this soap scrubs off all the dirt like nothing and leaves me squeaky clean. I stocked up as soon as I saw it was availabe on Amazon and will continue to purchase in the future.

± Extreme exfoliation! Huge bar that lasts !

This product is really amazing.

I didn’t realize that it was a “men’s” product, so don’t let that be a deterrent for any ladies who just want a good scrub!

It is extremely exfoliating. Since I have sensitive skin, this means I use it on isolated areas and not every day. But it is so critical to have this in your bathroom!

The smell is neutral, like an oatmeal bath. Personally, I would have liked a little more “bathroom refreshing” scent to it but maybe this is supposed to be on the natural side.

If you are a man used to the punch of Irish spring in your bathroom, this will be a big change.

I was looking for something that was a cheaper alternative to another exfoliating soap bar (which has the same amount of exfoliation) and this was it! This is half price of the brand I used to buy, so safe to say, I’m a lifer now !

Oh the bar is huge. So if anyone thinks $7 is too much for one bar of soap…. Using this product lightly, as I do, lasts me nearly a year. I would say this will last you at least 1 month with heavy use.

I do believe there is a bit of “residue” left behind, but it is comparable to a bar of dove soap. Nothing sticky or tight like dial or cheap soaps.

Lastly, this makes for a great gift. A strange gift, but definitely a good one. My brother has gotten an exfoliating bar of soap for Christmas two years in a row. This year and every year forward it will be a bar by Marlowe. This would would be a great gift for a husband/wife Because if one half didnt like the exfoliation, I am POSITIVE the other half would.

± Not Just for Men

I needed to get something to help exfoliate. I read that exfoliators help with over all skin health and removing any dead skin and dirt that is lingering too long. I started my amazon search and this product came up. Generally, I find that women products are over priced and don’t do the job so when I saw this geared more towards men I figured I would give it a shot. The product arrived and I was very excited to take a shower and try it. First thing I noticed when removing the plastic wrap around the bar, was the smell. It is defiantly like being in a forest. And while it seems like a strong sent on the bar, it does not leave an overly strong sent on the body once it is washed off. The next thing i noticed is that it lathers very nicely, but not as much as soap would. It also doesn’t break down as quickly as soap does and it holds it’s shape well. After 5 days of using it, you can’t tell I have used it. The third thing I noticed was the sand paper feel of the bar, and while a little bit of a shock when I first put it against my skin, it was welcomed. It is a nice discomfort… if that makes sense. I definitely know it is doing it’s job. The other thing I like about the bar is that the exfoliating beads that are in it do not stay on my skin and washes off really easily. I have used some products in the past that what was used as the exfoliating part did not wash off completely/easily. This bar could get anything off and has done wonders for my black heads and acne. PLUS my legs have never felt smoother. It makes your skin feel very soft and smooth. I also have sensitive skin, so even though the abrasiveness is a little more then what I was expecting, it does not irritate my skin. Great product not just for men!

± Three stars for feel; Five stars for effectiveness

I’m ambivalent when it comes to this bar soap. To being, I use a combination of bar and gel. I want the hard, maneuverable bar to get in those odd angles that gel may glide over. I also like exfoliating products. This is a good bar soap for those looking for exfoliation. There are rough beads that help dig into the pores and scrap away dead skin and dirt. My skin always feels smooth after use.

The problem is that, when I say “scrape” I mean it. The texture is so rough that it’s akin to washing your face with a scratch pad. It hurts. The aftermath is good, but the process of using it is far from pleasant. That forces me to take away stars, but I continue to buy it. The product is highly efficacious when it comes to getting a deep clean. And the smell is nice and subtle (almost like hints of oatmeal and tea). Apparently, it’s made with just a few simple ingredients – green tea, willow bark and ocean algae.

± I”m Hooked – this is the best exfoliating soap I’ve ever used!

I have probably tried about 10 different exfoliating soaps and this is the best by far. If you sweat a lot like I do, you need a soap that’s going to lather well and scrub off the caked on dirt. Other brands I’ve tried just couldn’t get the caked on dirt washed off. If you want a real effective exfoliating soap, I would give this a try. Some of the other “scented” soaps smell like a bottle of Old Spice was dumped into the soap. Luckily, this is fragrance free. Also, the price for a 7oz bar is about 40% less than other brands. Good price, great soap

± New Favorite!

I confess. I really like the scrub exfoliant type soap bars. I have tried a few different types and through the years have continued to buy the Kiehl’s Ultimate Man exfoliant type soap bar. However, THIS Marlowe soap bar is GREAT and it was a great price online. The texture is perfect. The scrub is great. The scent is a very pleasant and not overwhelming scent. I would absolutely continue to use it and buy more of it if it was available. At the moment it appears to be unavailable. I will continue to look for it though.

± but so happy when Amazon started selling

Never got this excited over a soap before…but this one will do you in. I was so bummed when a retailer, mentioned above, stopped selling this soap, but so happy when Amazon started selling. Had to stock up. Amazing soap. Simply amazing.

± Amazing product!!

This soap will actual cleanse you down to the bone, no joke! Some of us suffer from caked on dirt that refuses to leave without an excessive amount of scrubbing and to be honest, I’m too lazy to even go that far. Not even the harshest of the harsh (@Irish Springs Soap Bar) could do what the Marlowe bar does. The best part is that my skin doesn’t feel dry after using the soap — it feels clean and not dry. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that my skin feels moisturized after using the bar, but it definitely doesn’t feel irritated. OH! Head’s up that this soapbar literally feels like you’re rubbing sawdust on your body and like all the other reviews stating that it feels like a “brick” and “sandpaper” are not exaggerating lol. It feels rough, but that’s what I like about it anyway so. I would give it four stars bc I only had it for a two days now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to even last me a month! I’m still going to repurchase it though so IDK why i’m complaining. T T

± I love this soap – never let it go away!

I LOVE this soap. First got it at Target in late 2015 and then all of a sudden it was out of their stores and I couldn’t track it down. All of a sudden it showed up on Amazon and I’ve been purchasing it from here ever since.

The bar is a little on the big side until you use it the first few time but smells and feels great.

I purchase these 3-5 at a time and will continue to do so.

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