Ring Indoor Extender Network Devices Reviews
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Ring Indoor Extender Network Devices Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Ring Indoor Extender Network Devices Reviews

± Works okay. But no 5Ghz band. See my speed results and how I fixed the issue!

Our ring pro doorbell gets 20Mbps down and 10Mbps up speeds on the 2.4Ghz band of our home router. That’s not bad. But it’s not great either. That speed causes enough lag that the app opens slowly and there’s about a 4 or 5 second delay between the video feed and what’s realtime. We have a powerful dual band router but it’s a ways away. Our speeds near the router are 80down and 10up for the 2.4Ghz band and 150down and 10up for the 5Ghz band. Outside where the doorbell is, the 5G connection was very poor getting only 4Mbps down and 1Mbps up. So I connected the Ring Chime Pro and it worked but it really didn’t help much at all. Maybe bringing the speeds up to 25-30Mbps down. I tried several outlets in various places between the router and the doorbell, mostly with the same results. I didn’t realize it doesn’t work with the 5Ghz band. It doesn’t even search for that network connection. That was a big bummer. So while it works, and as you’ll read in other reviews, it’s a great solution for some people, it wasn’t right for me.

So what did I do? Well we also purchased the Coredy AC1200 dual band wifi extender for only a few bucks more than this Ring Chime Pro. We found the optimal place to put it in between the router and the doorbell where it still got a pretty solid signal from the router and good speeds, and most importantly I could take advantage of the 5G band. It may not go through as many walls as the 2.4Ghz band, but within a certain distance it’s much faster. I instantly was getting 110Mbps down and 10Mbps up speeds off this extender. So I then connected the Ring Doorbell Pro to this new 5G network coming off the extender and now outside with the door shut the doorbell gets a solid 5G connection and it’s 80Mbps down and 10Mbps up! That’s 4 times the download speed as the router only. I’ll take that! The result…I instantly noticed that the live view popped up much quicker. And the delay was maybe one second max. That’s 4 times better than what it was before. It’s much more fluid now and while this is just day one with the device, I’m happy with how things are now. Hope this helps others!

± Suckered me in.

I like it, but I don’t like it. When I first installed my ring pro, it worked fine the first couple days. I had strong WiFi and good voltage. Low and behold, a couple days later, it wouldn’t even connect anymore. It kept saying my WiFi was too slow and it brought me to some troubleshooting page that conveniently advertises this extender. Go figure huh? Well I got suckered into buying the extender and my ring pro now works like it’s supposed to. It’s almost as if they did it on purpose to make you buy their extender.

± Save your money

Some reason this does no better than my router ….. I even installed it super close to the ring doorbell pro (See photo – Video doorbell is to the left of door in photo) Its maybe 10 ft away. I tried to install it upstairs and that was worse. I was thinking of buying the Ring flood light but that thing wouldn’t even pick up a signal I bet. What a shame 😕 Most likely will return

Edit: Update – So no matter the location this extender would only push around 62-69 RSSI through my exterior concrete walls to the doorbell 😕 I have spoke to Ring many time on the phone and on chat about these poor RSSI issues and they blamed my wifi. Don’t get me wrong … they are always friendly and helpful. So I bought a Netgear Orbi and now my wifi speeds are higher then what I pay for 100/100 fios. This has not made any difference with the extender … now I can’t return this unit because this drawn out debate/trouble shooting with the Ring tech dept.

± Not Recommended – Ring Technology Needs More Work

Although this review and 1-star rating is for the Ring Chime Pro, I’ll provide a bit of context which includes why we bought this product. The Ring Pro Doorbell doesn’t work. When the doorbell did work (the first month we had it) it was excellent – 5 stars. Something happened after month 1 and it hangs up and shows a black screen. We cannot answer any doorbell rings with it because it is frozen trying to load the video, if we try to answer an active ring, then the video freezes up and we have no record who rang the doorbell. When we checked the wifi signal (5G) and wired electric power health, all were very good, every time we checked. The router is located about 15′-20′ from the doorbell. Upon calling customer service, which was excellent service by the way, they saw that the doorbell stats were very good. There was not a good explanation for the issue except "some kind of unexplained interference" so they recommended we spend the $49 and buy the Ring Chime Pro Wifi Extender. Huh. Ok, even though our wifi is very good. We’ll give it a try, why not, we’re already deeply invested. Now comes the Ring Chime Pro product experience. We set up the Ring Chime Pro 3′ from the Doorbell, basically just on the other side of the wall. Since the Ring Pro Doorbell was connected to a 5G wifi, I thought I’d just try and see if the Chime Pro would work. No go – but I knew that it needs a 2.4G connection. Fine, we also have that 2.4G wifi set-up too at home. So, I reconnected the Ring Chime Pro Doorbell to the 2.4G wifi, then set up the Ring Chime Pro extender to the 2.4G wifi. They connected, but no longer have very good signal, it’s just good now. Whatever, they connected. We proceed to test the Ring Chime Pro with our Ring Pro Doorbell and there is absolutely no difference from when we didn’t have the extender. Same freezing, black screen experience. So, for an original ambiguous reason we tried the $49 additional investment that Ring support recommended, and it failed. Because of this poor product experience, I have to say this technology isn’t mature/stable enough for me to recommend. The idea of it is great, but the practical functionality is missing. Proceed with caution if you are thinking about buying this product.

± Great WiFi Booster for Ring doorbell

I live in a historic home with thick walls that impeded the WiFi signal from my router to my new Ring 2 doorbell, thus the video feature was nonexistent. I was ready to give up and return the Ring 2 doorbell, but decided to give the Ring Chime Pro WiFi booster a try first. I plugged it in about halfway between the router and Ring and it fixed the problem immediately by effectively boosting the signal. The video feature now works great. Installation was simple. Amazon’s free same-day shipping was an added benefit. Great product!

± Ring is NOT the type of Protection you want. Their Product is a Failure!

Seeing as though Ring will not let me rate their faulty doorbell… "This product currently has limitation on submitting reviews. There can be a number or reasons for this, including unusual reviewing activity." Sounds like Rings products are a failure… purchased Ring Video Doorbell 2. This Wi-Fi extender is connected to the Doorbell 2 and constantly goes off. My phone says someone is at the front door, but when I attempt to view it, I am told it cannot connect. Try Live View and again, cannot connect. I purchased 2 stick-ups, the Doorbell 2, and 2 solar panels. Big waist of money. Oh… and now I have been charged for a year of their service. Not really sure what their service is since I cannot access my own cameras. I have contacted customer service multiple times just to be told something is wrong with my doorbell… "looking around… don’t see a replacement!" And the HOOPS customer service want you to jump through… OMG!

± Great concept.. wish it worked.

Bought 2 RING doorbells for front and back doors. Have Ultimate hi-speed Wifi Internet. Hired tech to install devices. He did not get the 2-way to work.. we could hear outside, but they could not hear us. So bought RING Pro Wifi extender. Installed it and still do not have it working properly despite its location close to router and in open area between both doorbells. Still working on getting the backdoor RING to pick up signaling. The concept is great but need patience to tweak it until it works properly. 800# did not resolve issue. Still trying to figure out why the router is not communicating with the second door device? (Still working on it with RING Customer Service. Will update results on Amazon.)

± Poor and inconsistent performance

Though I relocated the device to several outlets in my relatively small home, I still couldn’t get the device to project a stable signal to my Ring Floodlight. My internet speed met the necessary requirements and the signal from the router was relatively strong. I also cleared my 2.4 ghz channel to one or two other devices. I suspect that the device doesn’t handle interference well. Will be trying another WiFi extender.

Update: Been using the TP-Link AC1750 in the same location as the Chime Pro for over half a day and have yet to experience a drop. So far it seems the Chime Pro isn’t as good of a device.

± Chime works Wi-Fi Extender sucks

I’m giving 2 stars because the chime works its the extender that is a failure.

I really wanted this to work, my ring doorbell 2 signal strength is RSSI-47 and that’s good only mild Wi-Fi interference. Well I still wanted better, so I decided to purchase the Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime and Wi-Fi Extender hoping to drop that RSSI-47 down. My setup I have a Netgear R9000 Nighthawk ($500 router), it is about 15 ft away from where the doorbell is installed but in its path there is a TV, a couple of lamps with Hue lights and ceiling fan with Hue lights, there is an outlet on the inside of the house that is directly behind where the doorbell is installed outside so of course I plugged in the Ring Chime Pro right into that outlet I setup the Ring Chime Pro but do not attach the ring doorbell 2 to it yet. I check the signal strength to the Ring Chime Pro and it’s RSSI-18, so I think alright this should work great, WRONG I attached the ring doorbell 2 to the Ring Chime Pro, setup was easy, I go and check the single strength of the doorbell now connected to the Ring Chime Pro it’s RSSI-59 it got even worse. Both devices are on the 2.4 GHz wi-fi so there should not be an issue, all I can think is that whatever ring is using for the wi-fi extender is crap. Save $20 and just get the Ring Chime and a real network extender to improve your wi-fi signal.

± Three Ring Cameras and A Wi-Fi Chime and extender

I first purchased a Ring Door bell as a group project with two other friends, we all purchased a Ring Door Bell on the same day. I installed mine in the back door where we have most of the traffic. The install was super easy. I was so impressed I purchased another one for the Front Door, yesterday I went ahead and purchased a third Ring Door Bell for my side door. I also purchased the Chime with Wi-Fi extender… all worked as promised with Super Easy Installation. I now have 75% of my home covered with Ring products. In the Future I will install the Ring Camera with Flood lights on the last 25% of the home where we don’t have a door. Great Products, great APP, everything worked as promised.

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