Screen Protector Amazon Tablet Generation Reviews
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Screen Protector Amazon Tablet Generation Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Screen Protector Amazon Tablet Generation Reviews

± Buy the tempered glass instead.

Color: Clear

Don’t waste your money. Buy a tempered glass ones instead. I followed the directions to the letter. Wore rubber gloves and applied to an extremely clean screen. The problem is that these are plastic and the protective film induces static when you remove it. This of course attracts ANY particles in the air. Besides that the edges don’t lay down.

± Just okay

Color: Clear

It’s a good price, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Even following the installation instructions exactly, I never could get all the air bubbles out. Then putting on the case was impossible without it lifting the edges of this screen cover and making even more air bubbles. We’ve just given up and gone without. It is nice that it comes with a small card that is supposed to help you “comb” out the bubbles, I just didn’t find that it worked very good. It also comes with a glass cloth to keep your screen clean without scratching. I will warn you that this came in a very generic-looking white cardboard envelope. I almost threw it away thinking it was junk mail. And it DID come via the mail, not Amazon delivery, so if you order this, make sure you don’t throw it away by mistake.

± Residue left behind even after goo gone treatment… big problem.

Color: Clear

This thing is garbage. If you manage to apply it without trouble, don’t ever take it off. Mine had too many air bubbles below which got annoying so I took it off, and there is sticky residue left behind that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can remove. I’ve had goo gone sitting on it for an hour now and I still can’t wipe it off. I don’t really know what to do. My kindle has been ruined by this screen protector. I guess I could scrape it off, but that runs the risk of scratching the screen. See the image – nothing will remove that gunk.

Do yourself a favor and BUY SOMETHING ELSE.

± screen protector for new kindle fire hd

Color: Clear

While the protector size is correct for the new kindle fire, there are sections at the top and side of the screen that will not adhere, and the protector smudges easily and is hard to clean. This is after just one day’s use! I would not recommend this protector.

± Does what I wanted it to do.

Color: Clear

I bought this screen protector mostly to keep from getting the screen messed up with finger prints. It’s okay, but I can’t seem to get all the bubbles out of it. They don’t interfere with reading or games, but it’s an annoyance to me because I’m too picky. But it does what I wanted it to do and keeps the screen clean

± It will do till something better comes along.

Color: Clear

It doesn’t adhere to the screen very well. I’ve had it on for a day and all of the edges are coming up (very light usage, sat overnight).Hopefully someone like Armorsuit will make one for it.

± I did not like the way you had to peel off two sections …

Color: Clear

I have put on a lot of screen protectors in my life, and this one was by far the hardest. I never touched the sticky part and put it on right away after peeling, yet somehow stuff got on it, which made the bubbles not able to go away. The same thing happened with the second one too. I did not like the way you had to peel off two sections instead of one. I will not be repurchasing and hope that another brand will be better.

± Good except the instructions.

Color: Clear

Product is good, but like any other laminate, one must be careful on placing. The instructions, to accommodate various languages, actually skips on details. It left out a step that one should place the laminate down before removing the backing to ensure it lies perfectly on the tablet screen, then remove the backing in order (#1, #2). Not having this conveyed clearly resulted in one of the screen protectors having to be disposed of. However, the one real drawback is that sometimes the touchscreen does not seem responsive at first, but working with it for awhile will lead to adjusting one’s touch.

± Too big, hard to apply, dull, draggy surface for touch screen stylus. Boo!

Color: Clear

This is not the quality I have come to expect from Amazon. The size is too close to the actual dimensions of screen so is difficult to place it correctly and the edges will stick out and do not adhere to screen. Short edge peel application is awkward. The screen itself appears hazy and dull. Touch screen stylus pens drag on this surface. I do not like this product.

± Great screen protector. 2 years, no problems.

Color: Clear

This Nupro screen protector for the Amazon Fire tablet works great. I’ve been using the same protector for 2 years without any problems. There no deterioration, discoloration, or scratches…and I use the tablet daily. However, this screen protector is not anti-glare at all, so I don’t know why it was originally advertised that way….

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