Amazon smART sketcher Projector Reviews
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Amazon smART sketcher Projector Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon smART sketcher Projector Reviews

± Product Doesn’t Work

My daughter was excited to get this for her birthday and when she opened it the SD card. I contacted SmartSketcher for help and they sent me a new SD card which took 10 days. We got it last night and put it in and it still doesn’t work but now I have missed the deadline to return the product and get a new one.

± Not exactly what I expected

This is a great concept and very user friendly; however, I do have a small issue with the clarity of the picture. The pictures which come with the item are clear but the ones you download from your phone are a little blurry.

± Wish I had just bought a light board

Had high hopes for this. But can’t get the Bluetooth images to look good. It compresses every image I try to send trough the app. The preprogrammed images work well. But there are so few images, I bought it because we could load our own pictures. I would look into just getting a light board instead if you’re considering buying. It takes up too much room and isn’t as versatile as expected.

± failed to connect to APP

after 3 days, it failed to connect to APP on my pad, very disappointed about this.

± No Longer Works

I rarely write reviews, but the SmART Sketcher no longer reads the SD Cards. I have been working directly with the company who makes these but now am trying to figure out who is going to replace the original one I purchased.

± The device doesn’t always work

Our Smart Sketcher keeps blitzing out. It works one time and then not the next. When it works, it’s a lot of fun. We have not been able to get it to stay bluetoothed to any device. We are so frustrated with it that we are ready to toss it in the trash! We feel bad as we bought this for our 11 year old granddaughter and she hasn’t been able to use it. None of us, including her parents, can figure out what the issue is.

± Doesnt work

We were patiently waiting by the door for this to arrive! We got it today and unboxed quickly! Unfortunately, the light is broken 😔 We are so bummed. We will be returning.

± Endless fun!!

Vine Customer Review of Free Product ( What’s this?)

My 7 year old daughter is having a blast with this! She loves drawing, and this has helped her to improve her drawing skills.

The setup was easy, I got it out of the box, pulled the top unit from around the base (good design!), plugged it in, and entered the card in the socket on top (more good design, the ‘ears’ are designed so that you know which way to put it in). I turned it on, and it was instantly easy to go through all the pictures and find one that she wanted to do (the fairy).

Then, I downloaded the app on my Pixel 2 Android phone and went to set up the Bluetooth. I was originally sitting across the room and I got one “could not connect.” I went and sat closer, and the Bluetooth connected. One it did, it let me create an account and select the types of images she most liked. But the MOST fun was hitting the camera button and take pictures of whatever you want…people, things, pets, even images from books etc.

For my daughter, we’ve been taking pictures of our Yorkie and she’s been drawing him. It’s amazing! And once she started tracing the pictures from the cameraphone, she got excellent practice with shading.

What an amazing, easy to use drawing tool!

± Issues that need fixing

Product would not read sd card when first received saying error. I looked it up on the website where it told me that this meant the card had already been registered on another device. So I went to Target and bought the museum collection and the machine would not read the card at all. Again, I went to the smart sketcher website, followed the instructions on how to get it to read the card by pushing the two white arrows. I did that multiple times as it suggested and still nothing. I think the company that makes this knows there are issues. If fixed this could be a great product.

We returned and bought the crayola light-up tracing pad. My daughter loves it so much!

± Bought new, sold used and now cannot use.

Opened this on Xmas for my daughter and after much trial and error, realized that the sd card had already been activated on another smart sketcher!!!! This means it was opened and someone threw in a used card. I bought it new. Once you activate a card it cannot be used again and you cannot use the smart sketcher until you get another card. Disappointed and bad business!

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