Amazon Tea Drops Instant Organic Pressed Reviews
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Amazon Tea Drops Instant Organic Pressed Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon Tea Drops Instant Organic Pressed Reviews

± Box said to expect some sediment, this is too …

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

Box said to expect some sediment, this is too much sediment for my taste. Picture is of the earl grey flavor.

± Extremely disappointing novel-tea

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

I am a tea aficionado. First, they are pre-sweetened, which they said was “lightly” sweetened. Far too cloying for my taste. Second, they leave a nasty sediment. Don’t try to finish the cup. They are way too expensive. The shapes are not cute or clear and crumble. The packaging in cellophane is clumsy and so they don’t stay wrapped in a purse if you wanted to take them along for convenience. The packaging in the box is nice, but I wouldn’t dare give as a gift as I don’t know anyone who would enjoy these. I very much wanted to like them, but do NOT!

± It’s Sedimentary!

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

PRO: Flavor is excellent, sweetness level is balanced (for my palette), easy to use

CON: sediment levels are too high. when the instructions said "some sediment" I was expecting that of a tea bag (so, 1/16 tsp?) what I found was more like 1-2 Tbsp per glass. If one enjoys the tea version of Cowboy or Turkish coffee it’s OK; however it made we want to strain every cup of tea I made.

Summary: points for convenience, minus for texture.

± Disappointing

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

I loved the flavors, especially the Rose Earl Grey, but there was way to much residue left in the bottom of every single cup. It didn’t matter how much water I used, how much I stirred, or how hot my was water was. That’s not a shadow in the photo; that’s all the sediment that didn’t dissolve in my cup.

± Great taste, but not great looking

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

Great taste and cute idea, but it’s hard to make out the shapes. They don’t really look like the pictures and in fact look kind of like animal droppings which isn’t very appealing. If buying for yourself they are great. If buying as a novelty gift for somebody else, perhaps rethink as they don’t come across as you’d hope.

± I was surprised at how much I loved them! Simply drop the tea drop in boiling …

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

I am a tea addict. So when i saw Tea Drops I was intrigued by them, they are unlike any tea I have seen before so I decided to give them a try. I was surprised at how much I loved them! Simply drop the tea drop in boiling water and viola, a perfect cuppa. They are perfectly sweetened, not too sweet, just a fun and easy way to make tea. These would make such a cute wedding favor or even to serve them at a tea party. I highly recommend these!

± Won’t buy again. Wasted my money

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

This is why I hate buying food products on here. They are non returnable so if you don’t like it then it’s just wasted money! The tea left a bunch of funk in the bottom and was way too sweet. Maybe others will like it but I don’t like my teas that sweet. I think it would have worked better to let the consumer sweeten it to their preference. I wish I could give a better review because I am a tea lover and was super excited for this but the overload on sugar where you can’t taste the flavor of the tea and the bad residue that stayed in the bottom (even after me stirring the crap out of the second one to make sure it wasn’t user error) I just can’t.

± Simple, Mess free

Color: Deluxe Sampler (25 Count)

Teadrops + an electric kettle make for a super simple and and mess free way to prepare your tea. Especially in the mornings when ur getting yourself together or in a hurry. Taste is on point, dnt need any sweetners. Overall very smooth teas. You do get a few tea particles at the bottom of ur cup, which i thought might be an issue, but it turned out not to be troublesome at all. Would definitely recommend!

± Unique gift for tea lover

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

Got these as a gift for my tea loving mom. She enjoyed how unique they were. Too bad there wasn’t a sugarless option as she prefers unsweetened tea. They’re very lightly sweetened. Only complaint on her end was be careful as you may end up with sediment in your mouth if you don’t look at your cup while drinking.

± Box is nice touch, tea is in a plastic wrapping which …

Color: Standard Sampler (8 Count)

Lived the idea if this. Box is nice touch, tea is in a plastic wrapping which looks cheap. tea was ok. Would not purchase again.

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