Amazon ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Reading Reviews
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Amazon ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Reading Reviews Review and Buying Guide from experts and users.

Amazon ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Reading Reviews

± Only 24 different words.

Style: Zingo Sight Words

When I read in the description that the game had 72 tiles, I assumed 72 different words; after all, it is marketed for children in pre-K to 1st grade. The description should mention that there are only 24 different words (three tiles per word).


± Buy. It. Now.

Style: Zingo

Best. Game. Ever.

I have two daughters, one whom has Apraxia of speech and the other who is a beginning reader. The pictures ensure that my younger daughter (with Apraxia) can still independently play, while it encourages both my children to read aloud the object. This game requires no adult help, so my daughters will literally spend hours playing this game together. It is super sturdy game with thick, sturdy, double sided cardboard bingo cards and the text and pictures on the yellow “chips” have no scratching or fading from frequent overuse; we do have problems sticking the discarded yellow chips back in on one side of the Zingo machine if it’s not placed in the slot *just so*, but I’m sure it’s from an overzealous preschooler and not the manufacturer. This game is now my go-to gift for any birthday party we are invited to and my girls are always requesting to pack it to bring with to friends and families houses. Buy it. Buy it now. You won’t regret it!

± Fun for small kids, mechanism works well, beware of missing tiles

Style: Zingo

My kids love this. We got our first set as a gift. I bought this one as a spare because it was quickly clear that my 4-year-old twins were going to destroy the original set. That’s OK. The game held up well, and the tiles are easy for kids to lose. The "Zinger" mechanism works very well; we have rarely had problems with it, and it works for the kids playing independently. But the new set came with a couple surprises. It’s 7-player, 78-tiles instead of 6-player 72-tiles. So the cards are different, which is a surprise. But not a big problem.

What was a surprise is that my new set is short 2 tiles. I got only 76. (If you care to do an inventory, there should be 3 of every tile.) So I’m a little short on spares.

For small kids, this is a great toy, but I think the quality control could be improved.

± A great game for 6 and up. Younger one might need home-made number cards.

Style: Zingo 123

My boys (4 & 6) love game night but my wife and I were tiring of Candyland. Zingo has been a great alternative. I would just recommend one change: have some Zingo cards with the actual numbers on them. I know they’re trying to reinforce counting, but some of the objects on the card they are supposed to count are spaced too closely together and get confusing for little one to count. We just made our own cards with numbers to get around this.

± A must have for special needs classrooms!

Style: Zingo 123

I love all Zingo games; I now have three of them. I use them with my students with autism, ages 6-8. It is a great language tool. It helps with fine motor skills. Students have to put the pieces back into the slot if no one has the item. They have to use a pincher grip to push it in and there is a little tension so they have to push a little bit. We had to teach them to put them in correctly, but they caught on quick. I am not sure what it is but the act of pushing the game piece in is reinforcing and they love to do it. This is great for my kids who have weakness in their hands. It also helps with motor planning. Students also take turns being the number caller. This allows for independence in game playing. Students learn their numbers, identifyinghow many objects are in a group, addition using pictures, and number words. A lot can be taught with this one little game.

± simply fun!

Style: Zingo Sight Words

Lots of fun!


1) fun way to learn sight words. It is always good for us to take school work out of the equation, and just make it fun!

2) the format is easy and keeps the game compact and neat. We have the traditional zing as well, and this is great. If you get a card you don’t need, simply slip it back into the dispenser using the sits on the top.

3) the game is 100% words, so kids learn what the sight words are. There are some tiny symbols, but not really pictures.


No big cons. We love zingo games. The only thing that makes it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wish there were more sight words in the game, or they had two card and tile sets. Not a deal breaker, but something to note.

± My Students LOVED This Game

Style: Zingo Sight Words

At the time of this review I taught "regular" first grade students. My students were on various levels (Pre-K through 2nd) when it came to reading. One of the most difficult tasks of teaching can be making learning fun. I found this game on Amazon and thought it might be a good addition to my small group teaching time (after a structured lesson). The result? ALL of my students fell in love with this game. They would often ask to play it during their small group reading time if we had time left at the end of the lesson. There are two sides to each card; however, even my students who were below grade level could use the "harder" side of the card. The key part of this is to have the students read the word (or try to read the word) before getting the word chip. Even though they are sight words I found it essential to help the student try to figure out the word to ensure success. Rather than only get three in a row I often played the game where the entire card had to be filled. At the end of the game I would always reward the students with a pencil, eraser, ticket, etc… whether or not they won. That avoided anybody feeling like they lost. It didn’t ever delete the motivation to play because each student still wanted to win.

If you want to make learning fun, try this game.

± the perfect game for your toddler

Style: Zingo

this is one of the only toys I have ever bought for my kid that I actually enjoy playing with with her. she loves it because she gets a kick out of the dispenser contraption and she loves the individual attention of playing a game with adults. the fact that it is so simple to play (don’t need to read any directions) and isn’t mind-numbingly boring for adults is what makes this the perfect toy. my child is 3.5 and I wish I had bought it for her sooner, but she can play it easily at her current age.

± Great for toddlers

Style: Zingo

I absolutely love this game. It assists my 3 year old with recognizing various items and also starts with sight words. It is an added bonus that he loves yelling bingo! The red cards are more competitive and nice for older ages. The green cards have less duplication so theyre less competitive. We try to stay on the green side with my 3 year old. Id definitely recommend this item.

± We love Zingo!

Style: Zingo Word Builder

My parents got the original picture Zingo for our 4 year old daughter and it’s been a huge hit. When I saw that there was a word building version, we had to have it for her as well. There’s no setup required like punching out pieces or assembling anything, it’s ready to go when you take it out of the box. I like that there are two sides to the cards so younger children can play the easy side and older children and adults can play the harder side to make play a little more evenly matched. The tiles are sturdy plastic so you don’t have to worry about them bending them or ruining them by getting them wet or anything, plus they’re double sided, so no need to put them into the Zinger ‘right side up’. The letters on the tiles and cards are also colored red for vowels and black for consonants. This makes it easy to explain to younger kids that on the ‘easy’ side of the cards, you need 2 black letters and 1 red letter for each word. The ‘Zinger’ is the hard plastic house that the tiles live in and are dispensed from. The top slides easily forward and back to drop two tiles into the little grooves each time. Then you slide the tiles back into as lot in the top if not needed with a satisfying little click sound. Another nice feature is all the pieces fit easily back in the sturdy game box without taking anything apart! Our 4 year old picked up the game quickly even though she’s averse to spelling and reading and it gets her to sound out the words on her own because she wants to beat Mommy!

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